224. Generosity of walkers

Swathi  lives in Musiri. She has applied for “biotech” in Coimbatore Agricultural University. She was asked to attend counselling session at 8.30 AM on 08-08-2015, at Anna Arangam, TNAU, Coimbatore.

The girl mistook the venue as Anna University, Chennai and reached  there on 8th morning, with her mother Thangaponnu. After reaching, they found out that there was no sign for counselling there. They were enquiring the security guard. At that time, Twalker group members who came for walking, knowing the fact, contacted the Anna university authorities and confirmed that the couselling will be held only at TNAU, Coimbatore. They took the photo of the girl and her mother & sent it to TNAU, Coimbatore through whatsapp. They also sent all the details about the girl. After arranging for breakfast for the girl and mother, they arranged for flight ticket from Chennai and Coimbatore. By arranging a car, Swathi and Thangaponnu were dropped at the airport. At Coimbatore airport, the twalkers arranged for pick up and drop at TNAU. The girl and her mother could not recognise the person and they themselves arranged an auto and reached TNAU.

The girl attended couselling at 12.30 AM and got admission for B.Tech at TNAU, as per her wish. Swathi and her mother assured that they will return the money spent for them by Twalker members as soon as possible.

Even in kaliyuga, we see humanity here and there. The concern shown towards a poor village girl by Twalker members is really appreciable.

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