222. Prathyangira devi

Sometimes some bad incidents happening in our life may let us fall down completely.  We may have to suffer without doing any mistake. But, don’t lose heart. Devi Prithyangira gives energy to come out of our misfortune and emerge with full confidence. She is known as Naarasimhi. She is a goddess with a lioness’s face and human body.

Lord Narasimha became very furious after tearing Hiranya kasibu and drinking his blood. All the Gods feared to go near him. To cool him, Lord Shiva took the form of a human-bird which is known as Sarabeshwara. Lord Narasimha created  a two-headed bird to oppose Sarabeshwara. Sarabeshwara took the form of fierce Bhairava. From his third eye, he created Prathyangira. She sat on the lap of Lord Narasimha and calmed him.

If we feel that some evil influence has attacked us, by praying to Goddess  Prathyangira, we will get complete relief. If the person opposing has got power and going in the path of adharma, we cannot fight with him and win in the normal course.

Such bad persons will go from our life soon, on hearing our sincere prayers to Prathangira.  We will get peace and happiness after putting our prayers to our beloved Goddess Prathyangira Devi.

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