209. Don’t judge a book by its cover

We may think somebody as great person. Only the appearance or dress or the way he speaks makes us to think so.   The appearance only attracts our mind. Those who look decent and speak in an impressive manner are liked by all. We see only the surface but don’t know the things inside.

We may consider somebody as an average person and we won’t entertain if he comes to us to share something. The beautiful and shining objects capture everybody’s mind. Our expectation may be wrong when we go deep. While buying a book we should not see the title, appearance and material of the book.

The content is more important. Similarly, we should not judge anybody by his appearance. Those who are good in all aspects will look simple. They won’t come forward to attract anybody. In a party or gathering, people are interested to talk to persons who look good or speak well.

When an ordinary person comes, nobody pays attention. He may be talented but because of his  calm nature or ordinary look, people think that he doesn’t know anything.  We should not assume things but we should understand. Before criticizing    anybody we should analyse well. We have to correct ourselves atleast now by judging anybody correctly..

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