208. People’s President

abdul kalam

In India, many people  are not interested even in knowing  the name of the President.  But, our former President Dr. A.P.j. Abdul Kalam  found a place in every Indian’s heart by his good deeds. He was the only president who brought many common people to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

After completing his tenure, he had only 2 suitcases of his personal belongings with him. Usually the belongings  of former president would have required many lorries to carry the things. The nation honours him for his simplicity. Every Indian would  have shred tears on hearing the news of his death.

His engagement with common people, especially children made  everybody to consider him as a close friend, philosopher and guide.  The Missile man of India was the most respected person of the country by raising the image of India in front of big countries of the world. He played a crusial role when India tested its nuclear weapons in Pokhran.

This vegetarian bachelor has not undergone any training in abroad. While meeting the youngsers he used to listen to their speech carefully and respond. In one meeting with school children, power went off suddenly. He stood in the middle of the hall and asked the children to surround him. His lecture and interaction with 400 children continued, without the requirement of the current.

He has donated his lifetime savings to a trust named “Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas”. When he was a president, in spite of his busy schedule, he used to write reply and thank cards in his own handwriting.  In a function he refused to sit in a big chair and asked the authorities to put a similar chair like others’.

While working in DRDO, a scientist could not keep up his promise of taking his children to an exhibition. Knowing this, Dr.Abdul Kalam took the children with him to the exhibition. There are many more interesting real stories about him. Indians feel very proud to own such an outstanding personality.

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