206. Learning hindi is essential for Indians

In most of the states of India, people learn hindi in addition to  their regional language. People from south, especially from Tamil Nadu, keep away from learning hindi. Those who have not learnt hindi in school or college, should try to learn on their own.

Those who are going on transfer to North India from South are compelled to learn hindi. What about others?  While going for North India tour,  they have to depend on the guide or somebody else, throughout their journey. Some people say that English serve as a link language better than hindi. Will it work out everywhere in India?

The elite people can speak stylishly and fluently in English in India but what about the common people? They understand only hindi. The South Indians who are going to foreign countries  for studies or work, could not communicate well with North Indians and there also they are using English for communication.

Atleast all the children in India should be taught hindi. The elder people have lot of opportunities to learn hindi. They can try to speak in hindi a  few sentences daily with the children at home. For doing any business in India, knowing hindi is a must. So, please start learning hindi.

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