202. Home schooling

The formal settings of private and public schools need not be followed in home schools. The parents or trained tutors can educate the children at home. Many parents and children hate the formal school structure in many countries. Getting up very early and rushing to school with less eating or no eating, spoil the health and mind of young kids.

Many fed up and frustrated parents are ready to seek a solution to regular school system. In a class of 50 students, the teacher cannot teach to the needs of all the children, as the grasping power varies from child to child. Many children are self-learners and have the capacity to explore things.

In normal schools they  are restricted from doing such things. The blossoming of creative activities is cut in the bud.  A   big question in front of parents is “What about board exams?”. National Institute of Open Schooling and international General Certificate of Secondary Education are conducting exams equal to board exams which are valid.

Now the parents can chart out a time table for studies and passion of the children. The parents while teaching themselves should get well equipped in all the subjects and should be ready to face any queries of children. The children should often be taken tours to learn the different things, culture and atmosphere.

The scope for learning outside the textbook should be given to all children. But, such children are losing the opportunity of  learning some good things from teachers  and having good time with the children of their age group.  But, the concept of home schooling has to be welcomed.

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