197. History maker Sania Mirza

We are really worried that Indians have forgotten all other sports except cricket. Sania Mirza, 28 years old female tennis player  has awaken Indians by creating a new history. The unbridled joy floated throughout the country when Sania Mirza paired with Switzerland’s Martina Hingis, won the doubles in wimbleton. Many people  doubted whether this pair will get through. The contrasting strengths united to bring the victory. When the talents synchronized correctly, the result was wonderful.

The Economic Times already had put the name of Sania Mirza in the list of 33 women who made India proud. When Sania Mirza told, “Me and my racket  both are jumping with joy”, many Indians would have joined to jump in the air. She has faced joyful moments as well as tough times before.

Common people and media criticized her many times. Many young girls would have  got inspiration on seeing her victory.  The talented young girls who are having interest in tennis as well as bold in nature to face any hurdle  can keep Sania Mirza as role model and proceed. India is developing in many fields but we want more victories in the sports field.

Getting sponsorship  for sports is a problem in India. Only well known persons are getting help. Many talents remain unnoticed  in the country which can shine if proper attention is given. We want many more Sania Mirzas in India.

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