193. The best kind of homework is “No homework”

The parents having kids learn everything the child is supposed to learn and in the form of assisting, do all the homework. Is the homework for the child or for the parents? Some schools are particular in admitting the children whose parents are graduates. Their aim is that the parents will teach the child better at home if they are well educated.

Then, what for the children are sent to school?  The teachers should be aware of giving effective homework. They simply mark some pages in work sheet, give some problems in maths to solve and ask the students to write the answers already given. Too much of writing homeworks definitely decreases the score in exams.

The student won’t find time to study for the test and he will be in a hurry just to complete the homework, in half-sleep at home. Some weak students push themselves to do more to do homework and if they couldn’t do well, they opt to quit the school. The parents get frustrated when the child is not capable of doing homework by himself/herself.

The relationship between the parents and the child becomes weak because of homework. The students having interest in extra-curricular activities and sports have to bury their interests for the sake of homework. The teachers can watch the progress of the students better through tests and exams than through homework. The children should be given time for studying.

The teachers and parents should help the child to develop his/her skills and knowledge than just just putting a burden of homework on his/her shoulder.

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