190. Some mistakes successful people won’t make

In spite of putting all efforts, it is not easy to be successful. Some silly mistakes may pull us down. Some people jump at every development and try every new thing. Deep pursual of a single thing is most important.

Many people will run away if asked to take responsibility. Whether right or wrong, we should be ready to take responsibility while doing a thing. Similarly, whether the result is good or bad, we should have the courage to accept it. When failure comes, we should not try to put the blame on others. By owning a mistake, we learn  a lesson that we should not repeat it and the consequences  of the mistake.

We should not isolate ourselves from others. We should let others to join us. The ideas of others may be helpful to achieve our goal. We should know to enjoy our success. Then only, we can plan a new thing. By making others worse, we should not try to win. We should not be afraid of sarcasm and sniping.

Everybody wants to come first. But, in some actions we should be last. They are last to give up, last to leave, last to keep trying and last to leave the hold on principles and values. Instead of acquiring new things, we should feel proud in doing something new or useful. We need not always have big goals to succeed. We should not hide our ideas in mind thinking that  somebody may tease us.

So, go ahead and be a successful person in life, avoiding the above mistakes.

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