188. Aadi rebate

Aadi aadi vandhudichu aadi maasam. Wherever we go, we hear shoutings about Aadi rebate. In all the TV channels, we see advertisements  compelling people  to buy something in the month of Aadi.

Actually, how it was started? In the early days, people won’t do any auspicious things during aadi. So, they won’t make any purchase. The shop owners, to prevent from dullness in  business during this month, introduced some rebate to attract customers. Gradually it became a festival and the shop owners are seeing huge amount by the way of bulk purchases by innocent customers.

Prior to aadi, the price slip of all the items will be changed and the new price will be fixed a little higher than the  original, so that they can show the raised amount as rebate. Previously the textile shops followed this trick to increase the business. Now, the sales of consumer durables, electronic items, vehicles and many other items have increased due to this aadi rebate.

Previously the rebate would have started on aadi 1st and and ended on 30th of aadi. Now, the consumerism has changed very much. The aadi rebate starts 15 days before aadi 1st and ends after 15 days from 30th of aadi. There is no meaning for “aadi rebate”.  Many shops use this opportunity to dispose of old goods during this aadi rebate. We should not fall in this trap.

If we need to make a purchase, we have to make, whether it is aadi or aavani. Shopping fever grips  tamilnadu as they are lured by aadithallupadi. In advertisements, they put the word “upto 50% off”. They won’t highlight the word “upto”. People will get attracted by 50% offer, which is not real. We should stop wasting money  on worthless items. If all consumers wake up, we can put a full stop to this unwanted aadi rebate concept.

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