186. To BE or not to BE

To BE or not to BE, that is the question in the minds of students of plus two and those who just completed plus two. The parents are also very much confused whether to join the child in BE herd or leave them to stand alone in a different field.

When a child is born in a family, the elders dream that he/she will become a doctor or engineer. Nobody thinks about other professions. An engineer in India from an average college earns equally or slightly more than an electrician. Many new Engineering colleges are being started in every nook and corner of India, especially South India. North Indians of course are not having that much craze for BE as South Indians.

Even if the dull students get admission for BE, they face the crisis by aspiring for careers they are not suited for. The students who are not interested in BE can select courses like Law, Animation, Hotel management, Catering, Fashion Designing, Hospital management, Event Management, Tourism, Architecture, Economics, Pharmaceutical, History, Multimedia, Commerce, Business administration, Media  and Journalism  which are equally good.

The reputation and remuneration will be more than BE.  So, to BE or not to BE is a question which has got many answers about future.

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