185. Sree Guru Raghavendra Mahimai – I


Many of you might have seen in movies or read in books about the miracles of Sree Guru Raghavendra. But, I felt that some of the miracles I came to know touched my heart and I wish to share them one by one with you.

One of his sishyas came to get His blessings before he proceeded for his marriage. Guru Raghavendra blessed him with the words,”May you live long in happiness”. The marriage took place very well and many people gathered there to wish the newly married couple. The bridegroom while coming out from a room in the marriage mandapam, his head hit against the low wooden door frame  and he fell down on the floor. The doctor came and examined. He announced sadly that the bridegroom was dead. Everybody got a shock and rushed to Guru Raghavendra. Guru asked them to bring his body. He chanted some manthras and sprinkled holy water on the sishya’s face. The sishya woke up as if from sleep and everybody felt happy.

Some people didn’t believe the power of Guru Raghavendra. They wanted to test Him. They made a drama and placed a boy to lie on the path of Sree Raghavendra during His travel. They cried pretentiously and said that the boy was dead. They also requested Guru to bring back his life. Guru refused to do that. They laughed and told that the boy was not dead actually & asked him to get up. There was no response from the boy and he died actually. Everybody fell into the feet of Sree Guru Raghavendra and cried really to help them.  Finally the boy got his life back, by the blessings of Him.

I pray to Sree Guru Raghavendra to bless me to share His some more miracles with you.

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