183. Pillayar pidikka

“Pillayar pidikka kuranga mudinjadhu” is a saying used by many of us when something went wrong and we didn’t get the desired result.  Actually do you know  the correct meaning of it?

While doing kacheri, the first song will be on Lord Vinayaka ie., our popular pillayar. While ending the kacheri the singers used to sing a song on Lord Hanuman. “From pillayar to hanuman” is the correct usage.  Every beginning has an end. If there is anything which has no beginning or end, it is our beloved God.

To begin anything new, we used to perform pillayar puja. While writing important letters, we used to put pillayar suli. For finishing any work without hurdles, we worship Lord  Ganapathi. When a hard work is completed, we used to say “Jeyam” and thank Lord Hanuman for it. Lord Hanuman  becomes happy and  brings success to us when we say or write “Shri Raama Jeyam”. Hanuman is very much pleased when somebody praises Lord Rama.

There is a God known as “Aadhyantha Prabhu” which is a merge of half vinayakar and half hanuman.  When we pray to this God we get blessings from Vinayaka and Hanuma. We have to offer nine thulasi leaves and nine erukkam leaves to this God, while praying. I want to see this deity in  the temple at Madya Kailash, when I visit Chennai,  next time.

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