182. Irritating beggars everywhere in India

India is a developing country and being appreciated by other countries for growth in all fields. But, the foreigners who visit India for investment purpose or as tourists are really getting fed up with beggar problem. The number of beggars is increasing day by day.

Many lazy people who never tries to do any work  sits as beggars. They get recreation and have fun with their fellowmates. Beggaring has become a profession and fashion nowadays. I swear that only 10% of beggars only are real and became beggars out of compulsion. The rest of beggar community is bogus.

It is horrifying to see beggars on the footpaths, road signals, in front of temples, railway station and bus stand.   If we happen to stand in a bus stand  for sometime, definitely some beggar will come and disturb us. Unless we give  money, they won’t leave the place. They will be telling all sorts of pathetic stories and we should not believe anything. They will walk close to us and pester us to shred some amount.

Many beggars act as disabled and crippled to create sympathy. The stories of stealing children for making them as beggars is really heart-touching. So, if any lady beggar approaches us with a baby in hands we should not get pity on her. Definitely, it won’t be her child. Whenever they get an opportunity, they commit thefts and crimes including kidnapping children.

The Government should take action to give them jobs and make them to work. They spoil the image of India in front of foreigners. They behave very harshly to foreigners to get more money. Begging is an social evil that should be eradicated from the whole country. It is really a black mark on our country.

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