181. Why Indians are not following the traffic rules?

In all the states of India, one thing is very common. Many people are not following the traffic rules.  First of all, the road condition is bad compared to other countries. That too, in rainy days, nobody knows whether there are ups and downs or any manhole left open. There are some unwritten rules here.

When there is a rash driver, everybody has to leave him to go first. The buses will rush and other riders  have to allow them to go, whether there is enough space or not. Those who want to obey traffic rules, have to struggle  as no other vehicle will leave reasonable gap while driving.

Why Indians alone are not having the mentality to follow traffic rules and disrespect them?  The traffic lights, lane markers, direction & stopping signs and pedestrian crossing are very very important to follow. Simply by putting “8”, driving licence is given here. The traffic rules are to to be insisted for everybody to avoid road accidents.

In signals, 90% of riders start their vehicle before  green signal comes. When there is 5 to 10 seconds left, it is not at all a matter for them. The persons standing behind will blow  horns loudly and make the first person to start before the green signal falls.  Many people waiting in signal daily for some time will get heart attack in due course, definitely.

If the prime minister starts a movement for following traffic rules, just like “Clean India” and “Yoga for everybody”, atleast some people will realise its importance.

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