180. Our bad experience while driving the car correctly

My husband used to follow the traffic rules while driving. Last year we were going by car at about 8 am in Maruthamalai road. While approaching Lali road, the  car before us stopped because somebody started to cross the road suddenly.  On seeing that, my husband applied break and stopped our car also. Since there was reasonable gap, we didn’t hit the previous car. The car next to us was driven by a  young doctor and the second car behind us was driven by a medical college student(girl). The second car behind us hit the first car and the first car hit our new car on the backside. Our new car got damaged.

Since both the vehicles behind us were following us very closely without leaving gap, this incident happened. We all of us had to go to the police station. The inspector treated the doctor with respect as he was a doctor and the parents of the medical college student brought their driver and asked him to say that he only drove the car. This all happened within one hour.

The inspector finally  didn’t register any case and asked three of us to bear the loss happened to their cars by themselves. Even though  it is not acceptable to us, we have to agree as we didn’t want to run to court etc for getting justice(we know very well that we won’t get).

My question is whether the doctor and the medical college student are  responsible citizens of India?  Both of them didn’t follow the traffic rules and made us to suffer.

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