178. I like Piku

Last month I saw the hindi movie “Piku”. Really I liked the theme.  Amitabh has played the role of an aged person at home, who finds fault with everybody.  Deepika has played the role of his daughter. The story is touching our heart.

It represents the realistic life of a family in India. I will just tell the story in brief. Deepika is an architect who is very busy. Her father amitabh is very much health conscious but he could not control his tongue. He likes to eat whatever he sees which results in constipation. He always complains about health problems, especially constipation. That too, while sitting for dinner  in the dining room, he describes in detail about constipation.

While the daughter is busily working in the office, he makes a phone call that the body temperature has increased by one degree ie., 99.4 degrees. She gets fed up with his attitude. He sends note to her office regarding clarification of medicines. The family doctor  visits him often and says that he is alright. Amitabh quarrels with maid servant and sends out 5 servants in 2 months. When somebody questions him about the marriage of 30 years old Deepika, he talks wrongly about her character.

Fearing to live alone, he postpones her marriage. Finally  daughter and father go to their native place in Kolkota by car. He quarrels with the tourist taxi driver cum owner, throughout the journey. Finally, he lives as per his wish for few days in Kolkota. Suddenly he dies in sleep, as per his wish.

As you see the movie, definitely you will think about a person you know already. This is a story with the message that the children should take care of the parents just like they were treated during their childhood.   I had the feeling of seeing a nice movie.

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