177. Which generation do I belong to?

Every generation has got something to say proudly. Those born upto 1945 are called “Veterans”.  They have got beliefs and regards regarding their family, career and gender roles. They might have well settled and fulfilled their desires now. They could have seen world wars in their time and their dreams are related with war and peace.

Next generation is called  “Baby Boomers”. Those who born from 1946 to 1964 come under this category”.  They might have given more importance to “Job status”. Their aim is to stand distinguished in their job. They are having a tough time in balancing work and home. Many ladies came out of their houses for their studies and job. They have crossed the age of 50 now and many of them would have fulfilled their desires.

Generation X category is represented by people born between 1965 to 1979. In this category, for many people both the parents were/are working. Many people of X generation are well educated and got  high posts in Government departments and  private. In workplace, they show their ability and skill outwardly and  are standing boldly for any challenge.

Next is generation Y persons. They are born between 1980 to 1995. They are specially called as “Millennium or Net generation”. They have got more technical knowledge than previous generation people. They are optimistic, confident and  sociable. They are more flexible and expect the same qualities from others also.

The cute generation is Z. Those who born after 1995 belong to this category. They cannot imagine a life without internet. Computers and mobiles are just toys to them. They like to communicate through social media than physical interaction. Many of them are still students and yet to start their career.

Just pass your opinion about your generation and other generations. I am eagerly waiting.

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