175. Happy Father’s day

I know fathers won’t show their emotions outwardly as mothers. Mothers used to pour all emotions to children and make them get the same feeling. At the time of any crisis at home, father has to control his feelings and bring back charm in the house. I have seen some people who gave special attention to the children in spite of heavy burden on their shoulders. The smile on their face will never fade.

The child sticks to the mother upto the age of six and father becomes the hero lifelong. The children wants to walk(especially boys) in the footsteps of their father. They used to compare themselves with their father in all aspects. They are proud if anyone says,”you are like your father”. Father is the role model for them.

For girls also father is more special than mother. Mothers bother about society and prevent girls from doing certain things, even if they are genuine. But, father puts full faith on children and give the courage to act freely. Whether the father is poor or rich, he wants to make the children happy.  He tries his best to give the children whatever they want. I just want to pass my wishes to all the fathers around the world, who creates a joyful world for their children.

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