174. Yogasana – 1 (Padmasana)


We are really proud that yoga is a physical, mental spiritual practice originated from India. Our Preime Minister Narendra Modi insisted for adopting 21st June as International Yoga day and we hear news about practising yoga from every corner of the world. I used to do yoga for some days,  lose interest gradually and again I will start. It happened many times. This time I want to do it without break.

I want to discuss about the asanas I practice. Today I will talk about Padmasana ie., lotus pose. We have to sit erect with spine straight and stretch both the legs straightly in front of us. Then, we have to bend left knee and keep the left leg on the right thigh. Next, we have to bend the right knee and keep the right leg on the left thigh. We should concentrate that the sole of the feet should be in the upward direction and the crossed legs should be close to the abdomen. The hands should rest on the thighs in chinmudra ie., the thumb and forefinger should form a ring and the other fingers should be straight. We have to take deep breathes and leave air slowly. We can sit in this pose daily for 5 minutes.

The health benefits we get by this are many. It restores our energy level. It keeps the spine erect and the knees & ankles are stretched well. The joints and ligaments become flexible. The unwanted  fat in hips and thighs will be reduced in due course. Please try and tell your experience. We will talk about other asanas in my next blogs one by one.

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