164. Back to school after summer vacation

Two months of summer vacation is over for children. The children along with the parents are to be prepared themselves to run with the schedule. They might have forgotten the routine in these two months. Moreover, the enjoyment of the holidays would have made them fresh as well as slow in their activities.

The parents have to bring the practice of getting up early in the morning one week before the re-opening date. The watching of TV, playing games and using mobile & IPad should be reduced gradually. The setting of things like uniform, shoes, books, washing lunch box and water bottle are to be done in the early morning. The checking of home work note books is to be done on the previous day night itself.

The children are to be instructed that they are going to a higher class and the new teachers will attend them for the next one year. The healthy food items are to be given to the children at the appropriate time. The children might have interested some hobbies during vacation. The parents have to think and discuss with the children whether they are able to continue after re-opening of school also.

If the children are placed in a new school, the parents have to give time to the children for getting adjusted in the new environment. From the beginning we have to teach the children to know their name and the names of parents, teachers and school. The location of the house, school  and the route are to be get registered in the minds of the kids. The emergency phone numbers and house address are to be taught well by the parents before they enter the school.  Go ahead.

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