158. How to perform simple pujas at home

When we invite the prohith to perform puja, he will direct us to do the puja methodically. Sometimes, we may not get the appointment of prohith. We ourseves  can do the puja in a simple way.

We have to keep the things ready for the puja. We all know that betal, areca nut, banana, cocunut, thodar pushpam, udhiri pushpam, pushpa haram, camphor,  oothupathi, manjal, kunkumam, atchadhai, sandal powder, neivedhyam are essential for any puja.

  • After doing sankalpa, first we have to perform Vigneshwara puja before starting the main puja. We have to do Vigneshwara  Dhyanam first.
  • Next step is Aawahanam ie we have to invite Lord Vigneshwara for the puja.
  • Then we have to give an Aasanam for the Lord to sit.
  • Then Paadhyam ie we have to offer water to wash the feet of the Lord Vigneshwara.
  • Afterwards, offer water to wash the hands of the Lord ie Arghyam.
  • Next step is to offer water to Him for drinking which is called as Aachamaneeyam.
  • Then, we have to do snanam  to the Lord, followed by Maha Abhishekam with water, milk, curd, coconut water, panchamirtham, sandal powder water etc.
  • Next step is Prathishtapanam, ie making the Lord sit for the puja.
  • We have to offer Vasthram, Yajnopaveedham, Gandham, Akshathai, thodar pushpam and haram one by one.
  • Then we have to chant Ashtothra nama of the Lord with pushpaarchanai.
  • Next, we have to offer dhoopam, deepam, neivedhyam, phalam, thamboolam, dhakshinai, pradhikshanam and namaskaram.
  • Then, we have to do prarthana with akshathai and pushpam in our hands.
  • In the end, kunkuma aarathi with sodal deepa is a must.

We have to pray to God to forgive us for any known and unknown mistakes in the puja. In the same manner, we have to do main puja with or without kalasam, step by step. Go ahead.

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