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183. Pillayar pidikka

“Pillayar pidikka kuranga mudinjadhu” is a saying used by many of us when something went wrong and we didn’t get the desired result.  Actually do you know  the correct meaning of it?

While doing kacheri, the first song will be on Lord Vinayaka ie., our popular pillayar. While ending the kacheri the singers used to sing a song on Lord Hanuman. “From pillayar to hanuman” is the correct usage.  Every beginning has an end. If there is anything which has no beginning or end, it is our beloved God.

To begin anything new, we used to perform pillayar puja. While writing important letters, we used to put pillayar suli. For finishing any work without hurdles, we worship Lord  Ganapathi. When a hard work is completed, we used to say “Jeyam” and thank Lord Hanuman for it. Lord Hanuman  becomes happy and  brings success to us when we say or write “Shri Raama Jeyam”. Hanuman is very much pleased when somebody praises Lord Rama.

There is a God known as “Aadhyantha Prabhu” which is a merge of half vinayakar and half hanuman.  When we pray to this God we get blessings from Vinayaka and Hanuma. We have to offer nine thulasi leaves and nine erukkam leaves to this God, while praying. I want to see this deity in  the temple at Madya Kailash, when I visit Chennai,  next time.

182. Irritating beggars everywhere in India

India is a developing country and being appreciated by other countries for growth in all fields. But, the foreigners who visit India for investment purpose or as tourists are really getting fed up with beggar problem. The number of beggars is increasing day by day.

Many lazy people who never tries to do any work  sits as beggars. They get recreation and have fun with their fellowmates. Beggaring has become a profession and fashion nowadays. I swear that only 10% of beggars only are real and became beggars out of compulsion. The rest of beggar community is bogus.

It is horrifying to see beggars on the footpaths, road signals, in front of temples, railway station and bus stand.   If we happen to stand in a bus stand  for sometime, definitely some beggar will come and disturb us. Unless we give  money, they won’t leave the place. They will be telling all sorts of pathetic stories and we should not believe anything. They will walk close to us and pester us to shred some amount.

Many beggars act as disabled and crippled to create sympathy. The stories of stealing children for making them as beggars is really heart-touching. So, if any lady beggar approaches us with a baby in hands we should not get pity on her. Definitely, it won’t be her child. Whenever they get an opportunity, they commit thefts and crimes including kidnapping children.

The Government should take action to give them jobs and make them to work. They spoil the image of India in front of foreigners. They behave very harshly to foreigners to get more money. Begging is an social evil that should be eradicated from the whole country. It is really a black mark on our country.

181. Why Indians are not following the traffic rules?

In all the states of India, one thing is very common. Many people are not following the traffic rules.  First of all, the road condition is bad compared to other countries. That too, in rainy days, nobody knows whether there are ups and downs or any manhole left open. There are some unwritten rules here.

When there is a rash driver, everybody has to leave him to go first. The buses will rush and other riders  have to allow them to go, whether there is enough space or not. Those who want to obey traffic rules, have to struggle  as no other vehicle will leave reasonable gap while driving.

Why Indians alone are not having the mentality to follow traffic rules and disrespect them?  The traffic lights, lane markers, direction & stopping signs and pedestrian crossing are very very important to follow. Simply by putting “8”, driving licence is given here. The traffic rules are to to be insisted for everybody to avoid road accidents.

In signals, 90% of riders start their vehicle before  green signal comes. When there is 5 to 10 seconds left, it is not at all a matter for them. The persons standing behind will blow  horns loudly and make the first person to start before the green signal falls.  Many people waiting in signal daily for some time will get heart attack in due course, definitely.

If the prime minister starts a movement for following traffic rules, just like “Clean India” and “Yoga for everybody”, atleast some people will realise its importance.

180. Our bad experience while driving the car correctly

My husband used to follow the traffic rules while driving. Last year we were going by car at about 8 am in Maruthamalai road. While approaching Lali road, the  car before us stopped because somebody started to cross the road suddenly.  On seeing that, my husband applied break and stopped our car also. Since there was reasonable gap, we didn’t hit the previous car. The car next to us was driven by a  young doctor and the second car behind us was driven by a medical college student(girl). The second car behind us hit the first car and the first car hit our new car on the backside. Our new car got damaged.

Since both the vehicles behind us were following us very closely without leaving gap, this incident happened. We all of us had to go to the police station. The inspector treated the doctor with respect as he was a doctor and the parents of the medical college student brought their driver and asked him to say that he only drove the car. This all happened within one hour.

The inspector finally  didn’t register any case and asked three of us to bear the loss happened to their cars by themselves. Even though  it is not acceptable to us, we have to agree as we didn’t want to run to court etc for getting justice(we know very well that we won’t get).

My question is whether the doctor and the medical college student are  responsible citizens of India?  Both of them didn’t follow the traffic rules and made us to suffer.

179. Adhika masa

In the lunar calender, 354 days comes in a year. The solar calender consists of 365 days. An adhika masa comes in a lunar calender once in 32 months, 16 days and 24 minutes. For the lunar calender followers, a month begins with amavashya. In the year 2015, adhika masa is from June 17 to July 16. This year will have 13 months instead of 12 months.

The adhika masa  is dedeicated to Lord Krishna. During adhika masa, we have to follow spiritual things. This month is for self-development, self-revaluation and self-assessment. We have to do lot of punya karya during this period. Fasting, reciting and hearing manthras & slokas and performing pujas are to be done. Also, we have to do some dhanas compulsorily during this period. The religious rituals help us to get rid of our sins.

Generally the dhanas given are thambula, deepa, apopa(adirasam in kanchu pathram), fruits, gajavasthram, anna, vasthra, rava laddu  or anything else you can. We have to give these items in the count of 33 to brahmanas. While giving these dhanas we can keep mangala items like vetrilai, pakku, seeppu, kannadi, balai, dhakshanai, arisina, kunkuma, palam, kaadolai, karugumani, blouse bit, akki, bella, belai,  poo and hanju.

Normally we won’t perform any shubakarya like grahapravesam, upanayanam and marriage during adhika masa. So, in the mechanical life, let us spare some time for puja, vratha and dhana during this month.

178. I like Piku

Last month I saw the hindi movie “Piku”. Really I liked the theme.  Amitabh has played the role of an aged person at home, who finds fault with everybody.  Deepika has played the role of his daughter. The story is touching our heart.

It represents the realistic life of a family in India. I will just tell the story in brief. Deepika is an architect who is very busy. Her father amitabh is very much health conscious but he could not control his tongue. He likes to eat whatever he sees which results in constipation. He always complains about health problems, especially constipation. That too, while sitting for dinner  in the dining room, he describes in detail about constipation.

While the daughter is busily working in the office, he makes a phone call that the body temperature has increased by one degree ie., 99.4 degrees. She gets fed up with his attitude. He sends note to her office regarding clarification of medicines. The family doctor  visits him often and says that he is alright. Amitabh quarrels with maid servant and sends out 5 servants in 2 months. When somebody questions him about the marriage of 30 years old Deepika, he talks wrongly about her character.

Fearing to live alone, he postpones her marriage. Finally  daughter and father go to their native place in Kolkota by car. He quarrels with the tourist taxi driver cum owner, throughout the journey. Finally, he lives as per his wish for few days in Kolkota. Suddenly he dies in sleep, as per his wish.

As you see the movie, definitely you will think about a person you know already. This is a story with the message that the children should take care of the parents just like they were treated during their childhood.   I had the feeling of seeing a nice movie.

177. Which generation do I belong to?

Every generation has got something to say proudly. Those born upto 1945 are called “Veterans”.  They have got beliefs and regards regarding their family, career and gender roles. They might have well settled and fulfilled their desires now. They could have seen world wars in their time and their dreams are related with war and peace.

Next generation is called  “Baby Boomers”. Those who born from 1946 to 1964 come under this category”.  They might have given more importance to “Job status”. Their aim is to stand distinguished in their job. They are having a tough time in balancing work and home. Many ladies came out of their houses for their studies and job. They have crossed the age of 50 now and many of them would have fulfilled their desires.

Generation X category is represented by people born between 1965 to 1979. In this category, for many people both the parents were/are working. Many people of X generation are well educated and got  high posts in Government departments and  private. In workplace, they show their ability and skill outwardly and  are standing boldly for any challenge.

Next is generation Y persons. They are born between 1980 to 1995. They are specially called as “Millennium or Net generation”. They have got more technical knowledge than previous generation people. They are optimistic, confident and  sociable. They are more flexible and expect the same qualities from others also.

The cute generation is Z. Those who born after 1995 belong to this category. They cannot imagine a life without internet. Computers and mobiles are just toys to them. They like to communicate through social media than physical interaction. Many of them are still students and yet to start their career.

Just pass your opinion about your generation and other generations. I am eagerly waiting.

176. How to use turmeric powder in day to day life

We all know that turmeric is a good antiseptic. We are aware of its health promoting and disease – preventive properties. We read in newspapers and books articles about turmeric.  We see in TV and internet how it acts as good medicine for many diseases. OK, agreed. We should know how to use it in day to day life to get all the above benefits.

First learn to love the colour and flavour of turmeric. Introduce turmeric to your children in a good way. While cooking we can add a pinch of turmeric powder while preparing curry, sambar, rasam or any other dish. It goes well with root vegetables. While preparing any fried rice item, don’t forget to put turmeric powder.

While preparing soups, we can add turmeric powder. Moreover, we are not using artificial food colours. So, it is a natural way to get light yellow colour by putting turmeric powder in all food items. If we feel inflammation or pain in leg joints, we  can mix coconut oil and turmeric powder and by massaging with it, we get relief immediately.

While taking bath, still ladies apply turmeric powder on face, hands and legs to get its antiseptic properties as well as a glowing yellow colour to the skin. If we have severe cough and cold, it is good to put 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder and 1/2 tsp of kalimirch  powder in a cup of hot milk(taste is also good) to get relief, without any side effect.

Turmeric is used for killing germs and bacteria in many products. If we have any wound on our body we can apply turmeric powder which helps for early curing. So, we  get the benefits of this holy powder fully by using it internally and externally without any fear.

175. Happy Father’s day

I know fathers won’t show their emotions outwardly as mothers. Mothers used to pour all emotions to children and make them get the same feeling. At the time of any crisis at home, father has to control his feelings and bring back charm in the house. I have seen some people who gave special attention to the children in spite of heavy burden on their shoulders. The smile on their face will never fade.

The child sticks to the mother upto the age of six and father becomes the hero lifelong. The children wants to walk(especially boys) in the footsteps of their father. They used to compare themselves with their father in all aspects. They are proud if anyone says,”you are like your father”. Father is the role model for them.

For girls also father is more special than mother. Mothers bother about society and prevent girls from doing certain things, even if they are genuine. But, father puts full faith on children and give the courage to act freely. Whether the father is poor or rich, he wants to make the children happy.  He tries his best to give the children whatever they want. I just want to pass my wishes to all the fathers around the world, who creates a joyful world for their children.

174. Yogasana – 1 (Padmasana)


We are really proud that yoga is a physical, mental spiritual practice originated from India. Our Preime Minister Narendra Modi insisted for adopting 21st June as International Yoga day and we hear news about practising yoga from every corner of the world. I used to do yoga for some days,  lose interest gradually and again I will start. It happened many times. This time I want to do it without break.

I want to discuss about the asanas I practice. Today I will talk about Padmasana ie., lotus pose. We have to sit erect with spine straight and stretch both the legs straightly in front of us. Then, we have to bend left knee and keep the left leg on the right thigh. Next, we have to bend the right knee and keep the right leg on the left thigh. We should concentrate that the sole of the feet should be in the upward direction and the crossed legs should be close to the abdomen. The hands should rest on the thighs in chinmudra ie., the thumb and forefinger should form a ring and the other fingers should be straight. We have to take deep breathes and leave air slowly. We can sit in this pose daily for 5 minutes.

The health benefits we get by this are many. It restores our energy level. It keeps the spine erect and the knees & ankles are stretched well. The joints and ligaments become flexible. The unwanted  fat in hips and thighs will be reduced in due course. Please try and tell your experience. We will talk about other asanas in my next blogs one by one.