144. Attention deficit

We hear about attention deficit very commonly among children nowadays. If treatment is not given properly, when they grow up it will be a big challenge for them to cope up with the normal world. The parents should watch the growth of the child at every stage. If a child cannot concentrate on simple household tasks, they should take it seriously. In a tv programme recently I saw a programme about children who won’t respond when others talk.

The doctors advised to repeat the process of talking with the children more than other normal children. If is is not fruitful, they have to take the child for treatment from the early stage. We can notice the change from the age of two. Even among adults we see such problem. While talking, they may move to a different world. The genetic factors play a major role in this problem.

The brain activity may be abnormal and the persons affected with attention deficit may not focus and concentrate on  a particular thing. They have wavering concentration and they forget the present situation. Those who take some strong medicines for a quite long time may also get this disease. The parents of the affected child and relatives in the case of adults should understand that the affected persons can be cured by training. These persons may be strong in some other field.

We have to find out which task is enjoyable for them and help them to develop it. The scientists say that the aerobic exercises help them a lot. We have to treat them cautiously and we should not ignore them in the society.

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