134. Wow buttermilk

Due to frequent tours I had to take outside food many times during last one month. Normally I limit myself from outside food. The food from hotels and at marriages won’t suit us sometimes. But, unavoidably we may have to take it.   I was suffering from stomach upset for the past one week but I had to travel. I managed the situation with the help of buttermilk. I took a bottle full of buttermilk mixed with a pinch of salt and asafoetida. I swallowed one tsp of raw fenugreek seeds with buttermilk. I got relief within an hour.

Throughout the journey, I drank buttermilk  or had buttermilk rice. So, problem at all. The buttermilk calms the stomach quickly. If we have taken oil or ghee content food, we will get vomiting sensation. If we take a cup of buttermilk, the fat will be washed out soon.

Buttermilk is a good solution for the indigestion problem. If we fear that due to stomach upset problem  we may get dehydration, drinking lot of buttermilk will be a good medicine. I have read in a book that buttermilk prevents vitamin deficiency as it helps to convert food into energy.  Moreover, it helps for bringing down high blood pressure to normal level.  It acts as an agent to reduce acidity. So, let us take buttermilk  for the above benefits.

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