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153. Keep Plan B

Back up is required for computer, we all know. But, for other things also we need to keep plan B ie an alternate plan if anything goes wrong. Suppose we have taken leave from office to attend an important function means we have to think about plan B also.

If that function is cancelled or postponed we can attend some other urgent work. In the same way while planning for tour along with family members, we used to make arrangements for tickets, stay and entertainment. If our journey is delayed at some place, we should think about alternate plan to cover the nearby places without affecting the main plan much.

Sometimes even the best laid plans work differently than we thought. So, we should not  get dejected. We have to proceed with plan B. Plan B may be better than plan A sometimes. In the real life we have to keep enough money to face any unexpected situation. We should not take too much loan because the pressure for repayment will not allow us to take plan B at times.

Keeping our feelings aside, if plan A doesn’t work out, we have to  go ahead with plan B. We should not get disappointed when an unusual thing happens.

152. Power nap

Napping is a powerful tool to recharge our mind. We may start our daily routine in the early morning. In the beginning, we will be fresh and do multitasking efficiently. After some hours of continuous work, the speed will reduce automatically. Our mind will urge to stop the work whether we are going to finish it or not. At that stage, there is no harm in taking a short break.

Completely come out of the work and just go for a nap ie a small sleep. To combat fatique, nap will help. Nap is a type of sleep which lasts for 15 to 20 minutes only. After that, our mind and body will  get energised fully. We can continue our work as before. Always we should do productive work only. Simply wasting time in prolonging the work has got no meaning.

The nap helps us to get relief. Some people like to take coffee or tea to avoid sleep. It is not a good practice. It is not that we should get actual sleep during napping. Simply close the eyes and take rest calmly. While doing some important works, power nap encourages us to complete the work with full energy. So, while doing any work for a long time don’t forget to take a power nap.

151. Market value of your house

You should know the market value of your house often. It is not necessary that you are going to sell or rent your house. How can you estimate the market value. You should watch the real estate value in different areas of the city generally and also know which areas have attraction. You should study in depth about your area.

The neighbourhood, common facilities such as proper road, street lights, and drainage etc play a lead role in deciding the market value. The accessibility and proximity to main road, public transport facilities, hospitals and schools help you to increase your market value. Moreover, your house should be clean & contain all facilities like water, EB, wardrobes, attached baths and car parking.

Your house document should be clear without any encumbrance.  Even for a very small house people expect car park facility nowadays. The distance from railway station and airport is also a concern in deciding the market value. The parks, branded shops, theatres and malls nearby increase the market value.

You should watch the neighbourhood, when a house in that locality is bought or sold. You can compare the price and facilities with your house. The incidents of theft and burglaries in that area will decrease the value.  So, be aware of market value of your house.

150. 36 vayadhinilae – A good movie

When we read review about a movie in newspaper, magazine and internet, different type of comments might have been present for any movie. We may not decide to see the movie, based on the review report. If our mind thinks that we can see it, we will see it.

Surprisingly,  the movie “36 vayadhilinae” got very good comments from majority of people. So, we decided to see that movie in a theatre. Yesterday we had time and saw it. Really the simple story with a slight sense of humour make us to sit and enjoy. There are no duet songs or unnecessary dance in that movie. the dialogues reflect our day to day life and the characters resemble real ones.

To highlight Jothika character, other characters are little bit suppressed. Jothika really suits well and her comeback after 8 years is really worth. This movie shows that simple incidents in life captures the hearts of the many people. Many young girls and ladies might have thought after seeing this movie that they should not remain idle at any stage of their life.

Everybody definitely might have got some talent or interest or hobby. They should allot time to develop it, even in a busy condition. Otherwise, they will be neglected even by their family members.  Not for money or fame, just to lead the life lively, this is essential.  The movie carries this positive message which is really good.

149. Do well by doing good

We should do good things to others as much as we can. We should try to help others whether they ask or not. Even if we come across a selfish person, we should not hesitate to help him. By doing good things we set an example to others to do good things. We are also showing in which type of world we want to live.

Everyday we are growing. We should become wiser and kinder day by day.  We have to list our good qualities and subtract bad qualities from it. The net explains how we are. The qualities such as compassion and care for others is real success in life. Charity should begin at home . We should train up our children for doing good things in life.

We should educate them to help others.  When a person approaches us with a problem, we should be warm, encouraging and we should not make any conclusions on our own. It is not that we are proving to be great. Solving the problem and relieving the person from the pain is most important. We should not propagate our good things to the society. Nobody need to acknowledge our good deeds. Simply remain calm. So, practise to do well by doing good.

148. Robot maid

We have seen in cartoons and read in stories regarding robot maid doing all household works. It is really very tough in India to get a servant maid and it is more harder to get our work done.

Our servant maid may come in the morning or afternoon or evening. We have to wait until she comes and make plans to go out afterwards. If she comes when the door is locked, she won’t regret for it;. I also don’t know whether she will come or not. I have to wait till 6pm to decide that she has taken leave. Her phone will always be in switched off condition.

At times I feel very much boring in waiting for her and I just want to day dream about robot maid. I heard that sweeping the floor and wet mopping function are done by robots very efficiently. The cleaning of windows and fans is another tiresome job which the servant maids don’t agree to do.

I am waiting for the day the intelligent domestic robot  entering our house to do these works. The scientists are doing research in designing a domestic robot which respond to human voice. The mathematical algorithms and sensors help the robot to perform its function. I pray to God that scientists succeed in designing robot maid.

147. Illogical scenes in tamil movies

Shall we see some illogical scenes in tamil movies.

1. The usual thing is the hero is in disguise and the audience easily recognise him. All the other characters in the movie talks with him as if he is someone else.

2. Another thing is the dying person will speak lengthy dialogues and just die within seconds.

3. Another irritating thing is that the girls wake up in the morning with full makeup. The villian group men come in an organised way to the hero and wait for their turn to fight with him. The hero will be beaten first by villian gang and after sometime he starts his attack. The main villian will start to fight when all his men fell down.

4. When the fight is over, the hero will hand over the villian group to the police, who have entered at that moment.

5. The hero will be a local man who has got no education, money or anything. The rich heroine will definitely fall in love with him. In the beginning, the hero will go behind the heroine. After sometime, the heroine will start worshipping him and she will be ready to do anything for him.

6. Another well qualified guy will come from America and the girl’s parents will fix marriage with this guy. At the time of tieing the mangalsuthra, the local hero will come and change the minds of all. In all the movies the qualified American return will be cheated at the last.

7.The hero, if he is a wrong person from the starting   will become a good man after sometime. The hero won’t ask excuse but the foolish heroine will fall under his feet and ready to do all sevas.

8. The college going hero, if he is a middle aged man, will be accompanied by a group of persons who are older than him. But, the heroine will be young and always accompanied by young girls.

9.  In the song sequence, the girl dancing next to the heroine will be pretty and also will dance well than the heroine.

10. The poor hero will become rich and challenge the villian when he sings a song.

Please share such    illogical scenes you noticed.

146. Shopping with children

You might have had the thrill of shopping with children atleast once. The tiny kids will scream on seeing a colourful toy or some article with cartoon character. You may feel embarrassed when the child start pulling the things and dropping them on the floor.  The children may get sudden involvement in choosing the things for the family.

They may select some items which you may not like. If you keep them aside, they will start to cry.  You have to take the children for shopping only when their tummies are full and they are in full mood. Generally children may not like to do shopping when it is crowded. They also don’t like when we visit many shops to select a particular item. Suddenly the children may feel hungry or feel to  go to toilet. They won’t allow you to see anything in the shop.

But, some parents promise to give a treat if the children behave properly during shopping. But, that practice is also wrong. Moreover, the children may get a mood go play and start to run up and down, sometimes disturbing others. You should keep the children engaged when you are busy with shopping. It is better to do other important  purchases alone.  You should always be ready for anything while shopping with children.

145. How to capture audience attention

Nowadays the audience attraction is most important to make them sit and listen. The speakers should start with a bang so that the listeners will feel that the speech may be interesting. After magnetic opening, the speaker should say a few words about the audience in simple words to grab their attention.

The language used should be simple and appealing. generally people are interested in listening to stories. So, talk the matter mixed with a story. The subject is most important. The speaker should not divert the attention of the audience from the topic. The speech should be relevant and continuous.

The speaker should give new bit of information on the subject .  If the speaker gives pleasure to the audience, they react quickly with applause. The natural sense of humour combined with the subject is liked by all. There should be give and take with the audience. The speaker should talk interactively to cover the audience.

The speaker should allow the audience to participate and respond to his speech. The words used should be crisp and neat. The speaker should not use long long sentences. The speaker should not forget that the audience are not only listening to the speech but also read the speaker’s face, his inner rhythm, posture, tone of voice and emotion. The speaker should ask questions to the audience. He should also use quotes and anectodes. While using old quotes, the speaker may give a new twist. Good, you can capture the hearts of audience in future.

144. Attention deficit

We hear about attention deficit very commonly among children nowadays. If treatment is not given properly, when they grow up it will be a big challenge for them to cope up with the normal world. The parents should watch the growth of the child at every stage. If a child cannot concentrate on simple household tasks, they should take it seriously. In a tv programme recently I saw a programme about children who won’t respond when others talk.

The doctors advised to repeat the process of talking with the children more than other normal children. If is is not fruitful, they have to take the child for treatment from the early stage. We can notice the change from the age of two. Even among adults we see such problem. While talking, they may move to a different world. The genetic factors play a major role in this problem.

The brain activity may be abnormal and the persons affected with attention deficit may not focus and concentrate on  a particular thing. They have wavering concentration and they forget the present situation. Those who take some strong medicines for a quite long time may also get this disease. The parents of the affected child and relatives in the case of adults should understand that the affected persons can be cured by training. These persons may be strong in some other field.

We have to find out which task is enjoyable for them and help them to develop it. The scientists say that the aerobic exercises help them a lot. We have to treat them cautiously and we should not ignore them in the society.