117. Why some people ask silly questions always?

Some people have the habit of putting silly questions all the time. They show that they are very jovial and mingle easily with new persons they meet. Many people might have been waiting in the bus stand. The person approaching the bus stand will question everybody,”When will the bus come?”. He is traveling by the bus daily at that time. Then, why should he ask such a question to others?

“Are you sleeping?” is another stupid question. Some are interested in putting personal questions in a public place like “What is your salary?”, “Why didn’t  you get promotion?”, “Why are you looking very dull today?”, “Why did you had a quarrel at home yesterday? etc. Simply they pose such questions to see our reaction and body language. They never need answer for their questions. When we fall suddenly in a public place they will shout, “Oh, are you OK now?”. Many people going nearby will turn and see us. That is what they want.

Our tenant used to put a silly question always, “Do you need any help?” . I know very well that he is not able to do a small thing correctly. He will wait until I finish that work and put that question. When we call any person like plumber or electrician to attend repair works, he will ask us in front of that person,”Shall I pay for the repair charges?” without opening his purse. He knows well we won’t allow him to pay.

The persons asking such questions are not confident to do any work correctly. By simply asking silly questions they satisfy themselves. That is all. We have just ignore such people and their questions.

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