118. How to manage threenagers?

You may wonder that there is typo error in the title and I am talking about teenagers. I will talk about teenagers later. Now I wish to talk about threenagers ie three year old kids. The parents will be very happy as the child starts to talk in full sentences at this age. Many Indian kids would be attending pre-KG class  or play schools. They will do all the experiments at home with the experience they had at school.

The parents have to play the roll of student in the teacher-student game with the child. The parents get immense pleasure on seeing the playful activities of the child. They will be talking about this all the time until the other person starts to run.

OK, let us come to the point. Many times the threenager threaten us that unless we buy new toy/dress/chocolate/icecream  he/she wants, he/she  will say a big “NO” to our words. It will be very difficult to make him/her to eat anything. While moving in the market place, he/she  will  fly away suddenly from our hands and enter any shop nearby. We have to keep enough money to buy the toy required by the child.

After reaching home, the child will throw away the new toy simply to a corner and starts to play with old toys. Another problem is when the guests come, sometimes the kids will behave properly and most of the times they behave badly. We have to control our anger until the guests leave. After that the child behaves very softly in a good mood so that we won’t get the mood to scold or beat the child.

If we try to show anger, some children of today simply pack their things and start to leave home. This is the effect of seeing megaserials along with elders. They repeat the dialogue they hear daily in TV, “I am leaving home. I don’t know where I am going. I will never come back”.  The parents hearing such words will become nervous.

Some children say, “I don’t like you ma. You are not loving me. All the time you are putting commands like, “Get up soon and get ready to school”, “Eat fully. You will get strength only if you eat properly”,  “Don’t play all the time. Have you finished  homework”,  “See my friend’s mother won’t behave like you. Behave properly” etc.

We have to approach them with lot of patience. We have to speak kind words all the time and bring them to our control. We should not lose heart. It is our problem and we have to manage it correctly.  Cheer up.

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