104. Karate for all

We need to protect ourselves when we are in danger. We have to teach our children karate from the very young age. The character building gets refined when they learn karate. They learn to be well-disciplined, they show courteous behavior and give respect to elders. The learning process itself is a fun. They have to follow the instructions of the master and learn the art correctly.

By learning a martial art, we can live safely and happily. Karate is suitable for all ages. The age, experience or fitness are not to be seen for learning karate. By learning karate, we learn self-defence, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, balancing and boldness. We need not go for fighting with others by learning karate as it is a self-defence art.

Now the society is not at all safe for kids and women. They have to go out alone for studies and work. They have to safeguard themselves and return safely to home. The should learn to solve the problems faced outside. So, if they know karate they get physical and strength to hit the hurdles. The young girls are affected by eve-teasers. Only solution for them is to learn and use karate. The martial art karate is suitable for all ages.

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