103. Are women safe in India

Gandhiji told that when a woman can move alone freely even at midnight then only we can say that our country has got full freedom”.  When a girl child is born the parents are not happy. They fear about the expenditure for her education and marriage. Not only that they have to protect her until her marriage and hand over safely in the hands of a right person. Then, it becomes the responsibility of the husband to look after her.

When they become old, it is the duty of the son to take care of women in the family. When a girl is small the parents have to be very cautious as they cannot leave her alone with men of any age. In the teenage the girl has to go out for studies. She herself understands the threats faced by her in the society while travelling or even in college, in the form of eve-teasing and staring looks of guys.

Moreover, some women are fond of wearing lot of jewels to show their status. So, it is a welcoming sign for thieves to follow and snatch the jewels. Some women even lose their lives in the process of protecting the jewels. The women should give up the craze on jewels. Moreover, they have to carry small weapons to guard them. They should learn to protect themselves when they go alone. They can learn karate and use this art in the time of emergency.  The safety of women in India is still a major problem to solve.

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