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119. Rice upma & Brinjal gothsu

My mother used to prepare wonderful rice upma. She used to bring the  mouth-watering taste  everytime. I have learnt from her but I feel that I could not bring the exact taste. I will share the recipe for rice upma with you.

Ingredients required :

idly rice  – 1 cup

tur dal    – 1 tbs

grated coconut – 1/2 cup

red chillies – 2

black pepper – 1/2 tsp

jeera – 1/2 tsp

mustard – 1/2 tsp

channa dal – 1/2 tsp

urud dal – 1/2 tsp

asafoetida – 1/4 tsp

cooking oil – 2 tsp

ghee – 1/2 tsp

salt – 1/2 tsp

curry leaves – one small bunch

Method of preparation :

Soak  idli rice and  turdal for 4 hours. Clean well and grind it along with  red chillies,  blackpepper and  jeera coarsely. Add one cup of  water,  salt and   grated cocunut.  In a pan put 1 tsp cooking oil and when it gets heated add  mustard. When it splutters, put asafoetida. Add  channa dal and  urud dal. When they become golden brown, put curry leaves and the ground rice mixture. Keep the gas flame in sim mode and saute. Add 1/2 tsp ghee or cooking oil and stir. We can close it with a lid for 5 minutes. Again stir by adding 1/4 tsp cooking oil. Repeat the process for 3 times. Finally add 1/2 tsp ghee & remaining oil and switch off the gas. Put curry leaves.  Serve hot steaming rice upma.

The best combination for rice upma is brinjal gothsu.

Ingredients required :

brinjal – 1/4 kg

tamarind – a small ball

cooking oil – 1/2 tsp

mustard – 1/2 tsp

asafoetida – 1/4 tsp

small onion – 10

turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

rice powder – 1/2 tsp

salt – 1/2 tsp

idly powder – 1/2 tsp

sambar powder – 1/2 tsp

chilly powder – 1/2 tsp

jaggery  powder- 1 tsp

rice powder – 1/2 tsp

curry leaves – one small bunch

Method of preparation :

Soak small gooseberry size tamarind in hot water for 15 minutes. In a pan keep   cooking oil and put  mustard seeds. When it sizzles, add  asafoetida and  chopped small onions. When the onions turn light pink, add  chopped brinjals,  turmeric powder,  sambar powder,  chilly powder,  idly powder,  salt,  rice powder and tamarind water. Put a small pinch of jaggery. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes and put curry leaves. Please try and pass your comments.

118. How to manage threenagers?

You may wonder that there is typo error in the title and I am talking about teenagers. I will talk about teenagers later. Now I wish to talk about threenagers ie three year old kids. The parents will be very happy as the child starts to talk in full sentences at this age. Many Indian kids would be attending pre-KG class  or play schools. They will do all the experiments at home with the experience they had at school.

The parents have to play the roll of student in the teacher-student game with the child. The parents get immense pleasure on seeing the playful activities of the child. They will be talking about this all the time until the other person starts to run.

OK, let us come to the point. Many times the threenager threaten us that unless we buy new toy/dress/chocolate/icecream  he/she wants, he/she  will say a big “NO” to our words. It will be very difficult to make him/her to eat anything. While moving in the market place, he/she  will  fly away suddenly from our hands and enter any shop nearby. We have to keep enough money to buy the toy required by the child.

After reaching home, the child will throw away the new toy simply to a corner and starts to play with old toys. Another problem is when the guests come, sometimes the kids will behave properly and most of the times they behave badly. We have to control our anger until the guests leave. After that the child behaves very softly in a good mood so that we won’t get the mood to scold or beat the child.

If we try to show anger, some children of today simply pack their things and start to leave home. This is the effect of seeing megaserials along with elders. They repeat the dialogue they hear daily in TV, “I am leaving home. I don’t know where I am going. I will never come back”.  The parents hearing such words will become nervous.

Some children say, “I don’t like you ma. You are not loving me. All the time you are putting commands like, “Get up soon and get ready to school”, “Eat fully. You will get strength only if you eat properly”,  “Don’t play all the time. Have you finished  homework”,  “See my friend’s mother won’t behave like you. Behave properly” etc.

We have to approach them with lot of patience. We have to speak kind words all the time and bring them to our control. We should not lose heart. It is our problem and we have to manage it correctly.  Cheer up.

117. Why some people ask silly questions always?

Some people have the habit of putting silly questions all the time. They show that they are very jovial and mingle easily with new persons they meet. Many people might have been waiting in the bus stand. The person approaching the bus stand will question everybody,”When will the bus come?”. He is traveling by the bus daily at that time. Then, why should he ask such a question to others?

“Are you sleeping?” is another stupid question. Some are interested in putting personal questions in a public place like “What is your salary?”, “Why didn’t  you get promotion?”, “Why are you looking very dull today?”, “Why did you had a quarrel at home yesterday? etc. Simply they pose such questions to see our reaction and body language. They never need answer for their questions. When we fall suddenly in a public place they will shout, “Oh, are you OK now?”. Many people going nearby will turn and see us. That is what they want.

Our tenant used to put a silly question always, “Do you need any help?” . I know very well that he is not able to do a small thing correctly. He will wait until I finish that work and put that question. When we call any person like plumber or electrician to attend repair works, he will ask us in front of that person,”Shall I pay for the repair charges?” without opening his purse. He knows well we won’t allow him to pay.

The persons asking such questions are not confident to do any work correctly. By simply asking silly questions they satisfy themselves. That is all. We have just ignore such people and their questions.

116. Are Indians still having the craze for foreign products

Twenty years ago, if anybody possesses any foreign product, others will put an envy look on it. They like to see, touch and use it, with or without permission of the owner. Now, the condition has been changed. Nowadays, all families have a NRI, who bring or send all items for family members.

Another noticeable thing is all the items are available in India. They themselves can visit shops and purchase. Each country has its own speciality. There is nothing wrong in admiring and buying foreign products. The products for day to day use may be bought from our own country.

How can we say that they are of inferior quality as the price is low. Our ancestors survived using Indian products alone. We can get the items from foreign countries  if it is not available in India. The tourists from India will carry big big empty bags. they will fill up with foreign items whatever they see. They won’t mind whether it is required for them or not. Just they want to show in their friends and relatives’ circle that they have purchased those items from foreign countries.

I feel that Indian products also come with good quality and reasonable price. The Indians should throw away the craze for foreign  products from their minds.

115. Overpolulation – Strength or weakness

China tops in thee world   for overpopulation. Next to China, India is known for overpopulation. How we measure overpopulation? The number of persons in the country is compared  number of resources available for use. If, the number of persons is more than resources, then it is said that the country is overpopulated.

What is the reason for overpopulation?  The birthrate may be more and constantly increasing day by day. Another reason is decrease in death rate. The available resource may be in decrease mode as being used by people continuously.

Twenty years before many people were dying with diseases like TB, cholera, plague and tumour etc. But,  a rapid advancement  has taken place in the medical field and the scientists are finding out new valuable medicines which cure all type of diseases.

The devoted researchers from all over the world on their job and are inventing medicines for prevention also. So, the average life of a man is increasing day by day. This is also a major reason for overpopulation. Many countries are joining in the list of developed countries from developing countries list.

The economic condition of a country increases means the economic condition of individuals also increase. So, the comfortable living increases the life span.  Many youngsters move to foreign countries for education & job  with the result the population in that country increases. Family planning is not being followed by many developing and under developed countries and there is constant hike in birth rate. So, the increase in population may be a strength as the man power is the basic cause for every development in the country.

The stock of resources are being shared by many and we have to search for new resources. It is our weakness. Unemployment and high cost of living are other problems we are facing. So, Government and the public should take positive steps to control population.

114. Fried items in our daily food

The lip smacking fried foods are generally loved by all. We use fried foods as our evening snacks . If we are taking these foods continuously what will happen to our body?  The ready made snacks which are fried are being liked by children very much. So, the sellers  put lot of advertisements to attract the children. They contain very much salt and the bad cholesterol will increase immediately if we eat them a lot.

Next level is increase of weight and obesity. The bad cholesterol  clogs in our arteries and pave way to heart attack. The increase in blood pressure and pain in joints are other problems we have to face in future. The sellers use vanaspathi for frying which may give good taste but it is very very harmful to health. At homes, we can fry in good oil and give fried items to children in small quantities, just for taste.

The elders can also take a little rarely. Some people suggest that warning labels should be put on readymade food item packets as we do for cigarette. The self- control is most important. The children should be explained of the ill-effects of fried food items, especially outside food. There are many tasty food substitutes for fried foods. We should have a practice to give the children. They should also have the awareness about health.

113. Himalayan tragedy

It is very sad that about 2500 people lost their life in the 7.9 magnitude earthquake on saturday 25th april 2015. The non-stopping rain with power cut made Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal a dark city. The foreign tourists who came to Nepal have to make a compulsory stay as the airport has to be closed temporarily until the climatic conditions improve.

Many people came out from the house and ran towards open places to save their life. If they had to lose their belongings suddenly where will they go for food and shelter? The rescuers are in action to clear the mounds of collapsed houses and  buildings. They are also searching in full swing to save the lives of survivors. India and China are joining hands with Nepal  in relief  and rehabilitation work.

In this natural calamity many families have lost more than one person and the treatment for the injured are being given day and night. this type of big earthquake happened in Nepal after 80 years. It is feared that some people gone for trekking in Mt.Everest might have dead, as there is no possibility for survival.

Even though the rescue operation is being taken there is a possibility for few more earthquakes in the next few days. Really We Indians feel bad and ready to do any help Nepal, our neighbouring country.

112. What to do when a dog chases you?

The street dogs are very common in India. They roam in groups and people have to cross them with a fear in mind. Many people avoid morning walk because of this reason. Walkers, Joggers, Runners and bycyclists everybody put a sudden brake when a dog starts to chase. At times without any reason the dog comes to bite us suddenly.

Some dog owners while going for walking with dog won’t hold the dog chain tightly. The dog escapes from the owner and start to chase others. The doctors advice us not to run if a dog start to chase. It is very difficult to stand cool in a place when a dog comes near to us.

Some people unnecessarily invite problems by throwing something on the dog. Some start to run faster. If we show fear or anxiety, the dog gets irritated and begin to chase. We should not see the dog straightly. We should avoid direct eye contact with the dog. We should stand casually and hold the things in the hand in front of us.

When a dog chases to bite us, we should guard our face, throat and legs. We can carry a stick and diverts its attention by wavering it. We can try this with umbrella also. If we keep some eatables like biscuits with us  we can throw them. the dog will leave us and start to eat. we can escape in the gap. We can take shelter in the nearby house. So act smartly when a dog start to chase you.

111. Illusory superiority

Some people always want to sit in the first row to show that they are superior to others. They overestimate their ability and strength. We can call it is bias superiority or bias superiority. Some people laugh loud or speak in a commanding voice in parties to show that they are high in status than others.

Some people always compare them with others in life style, performance and behavior ad want to prove that they are superior. These persons do this act at home, among relatives and friends, in working atmosphere and in society. Actually these people suffer from inferiority complex. To hide this, they pretend to be superior.

Others won’t say anything to face but feel bad about them behind their back. Actually they are degrading themselves by such activities. Just present yourself as you are. Others have to say whether we are average, below average or superior. Even if they don’t say that, we need not bother. We should realise what we are.

The persons with illusory superiority complex ignore their failures and poses to be champions. Many people want that there should be a crowd behind them and praise them whatever they do. They have to come out of the illusion and assess their positive and negative qualities correctly.

110. In the future, will children be taught only to type and not to write

Here in India we make the children to hold the pencil and write at the age of 2 or 3. When they attain the age of 5, they know to write perfectly with pencil and pen. Another important thing the school going children do is to write home work. Daily they are spending 3 to 4 hours for writing in school and at home. When they come to 10th standard, they write many pages as they have to get ready for public exam. Even after coming to college, they have to write assignments and notes. The writing stops only when they finish studies.

But, they system is changing nowadays. Many parents oppose home work, as the parents have to spend lot of time with the children than teachers. Moreover, the children are struggling to write by sitting together for hours. Now, it is suggested that laptops can be substituted for learning. The children need not write in the classroom. They can follow the lessons by opening them in the laptop. It is said that the children can type faster in laptop than writing in notebook.

Some people feel that the student will understand the lessons better if he writes i n a notebook, rather than typing notes in laptop. My opinion is we cannot leave completely writing. We have to teach the children to write at the young age. If the subject is heavy and much writing is involved at that time they can use laptop for notes. We have to instruct them to use both.