79. Students unrest

Many good teachers avoid choosing teaching profession as student unrest is the main hurdle in their job. The revolt of the student community against establishment even for small problems is a dangerous one. All over the world the students are facing the suffocation and restlessness. They fear about the future in the young age.

Many students give more concentration on politics than studies. The politicians utilise them for their purpose and just throw them away after their work is over. The result is the student loses both ie studies and position in politics. the most unfortunate part of student agitation is they are not even knowing well the cause of agitation.

The politicians exploit the youthful enthusiasm to promote their personal and social ends. The students were used to stop trains, damage public properties and create violence. the public also get disappointed by this rude and irresponsible behavior of the students. The students are not aware of the political controversies in depth. So, they cannot choose the right path themselves. They have to wait until they complete the studies to take part in politics.

The present education is heavy and some students want to escape from this boredom. So, they choose politics as an outlet. If we make education more employment-oriented, the students will concentrate on education alone and the unrest will be wiped  out automatically.

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