80. Food is God

Food is God to all the people in the world. We call food as annalakshmi and we pray daily to give food to us. Everyman works for his livelihood and food is the main thing for anybody. For man’s existence food is the most intrinsic ingredient. When food is denied to man in this world, everything is denied to him.

The science and technology have made many people rich but 75% of the population in the world is suffering for their daily bread. A good living standard ie getting the daily bread without much suffering is essential for any human being. the common man is ready to give up his self-prestige even for the sake of food.

Some countries have to depend on developed countries for raw materials and food. When loans and grants are given to a common man, he becomes a slave. He is ready to do anything for his master. His bent backbone will never become straight. The children are to be taught from young age how to survive in this world without depending on anybody. The parents should give proper food and education to the children to save their life.

The hard work of parents should not go to a waste as the masters squeeze everything from them. All should save some money for the future as the future is unassured. If they get food they can take part in any activity for their betterment as well as the betterment of the country.

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