77. Using headphones will end with hearing loss

In the houses we are seeing that the parents are requesting the teenagers to remove head phones when they wish to speak to them. The teenagers are seen always with head phones. They really don’t know what is happening around them. They don’t care about the illness of parents, the hurdles in the family, guests arrival or financial problems.

While traveling also, they wear head phones and close the eyes as they wish to escape from the outside world also. Some people use head phones for more than 5 hours a day regularly. The hearing loss due to increase in usage of head phones will be permanent one.

When a person loses his/her hearing power at the young age, how can they spend the rest of his/her life? If the person using head phone is not listening to the happenings around him it is very clear that he has started losing his hearing power. We should hear the sound at a maximum of 60% of the capacity. That too, for one hour only per day.

The person facing hearing loss will hear a ringing, buzzing or roaring sound in the ear. They may have the problem of understanding speech at noisy places. They will keep the radio or TV at high volume at home. We should create awareness among children to avoid craze of listening music through head phone. Hearing aid will help them a little.

Prevention is better than cure. The older type open head phone is better than that directly fit into the ear. The best thing is to avoid using head phones.

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