78. Are you a spenthrift

We all spend money for some cause. Spendthrift is a person who is spending money wastefully. Some people feel that if they spend more money, then only others will accept them as rich. They give more money as tips to the waiter.

I see some people who give money to others even if they didn’t do anything. They do shopping unnecessarily and buy the things they don’t require at all. If the spendthrift person is rich, then the family won’t suffer much. Otherwise, the family will suffer. If you are a spendthrift, be ready to face financial crisis in future.

Some persons store lot of things at home which they never use. The idle investment has got no value. The money spent for it, could have been used usefully in some other ways. First it may be difficult to change the habit. The spendthrift persons should think  before making a purchase whether it is necessary. They can hear the advice of parents, relatives and friends. If they put some control to themselves, their spending habit will change. They can carry little money while going for shopping and make a pledge not to use credit card for any purchase. They have to write the expenses and try to reduce month by month. After some months, lavishness will vanish.

Going to big hotels often should also be controlled. Neat and cheap items can be made at home or can be had from medium type hotels. By given gits to others definitely, your social status will improve. But, small gifts are enough. Costly gifts are to be given to very near and dear people only. So, the spendthrifts can become normal if they practise.

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