75. Vanishing middle classes in India

Consumerism has kept lower class people in the same level. The materialism has changed middle class people as high class. Now, the lower middle class people have turned as lower class and upper middle class people as high class. The concept of middle class has started vanishing in India.

The middle class has contributed a lot in the progress and prosperity of the country as they are the working class. They work very hard and sincere in all walks of life. The middle class may be a loser or winner. But there is no point in regretting about the vanishment of middle class.

The bottommost people in the middle class have come down in status as they started struggling for basic livelihood. The upper middle class people have climbed the ladder and joined the society of high class. The zig-zag growth is objected by economists. The betterment of life style is not uniform.

The cultural heritage was being maintained by the middle class. In the name of modernisation, the traditional value is getting eroded. Economic threat is another reason for spoiling the middle class set-up. The middle class were fighting the battle of survival. Those who lost the game came down to lower class and those who won the game joined the group of high class. there is a rat race in the high class for power, money and position.

The new middle class have learnt this magic first after joining to high class. The middle class who became lower class has no time to think about anything than for survival. The vanishing middle class has created an impact in the economy of India.

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