76. How to eradicate corruption in India

Corruption was considered as disgraceful in older days but now, it is recognised as an art. the corruption has taken a place in every sphere of life.

The lower class people want to come up in life after seeing the life style of middle class people. The middle class people got bored to remain in the middle income group. The facilities enjoyed by the high class people are tempting them. They have set goal to join in the high class soon. The power and luxury attracts common people. The corruption is the easy way to achieve them.

The integrity and sincerity  are regarded as the qualities of Independence period. To bend rules for the benefit of a single man or to a group, is not at all considered as a sin now. The moral and ethical codes are given respect in the middle class. But the middle class itself started vanishing now.

Previously corruption was an exception in all the fields. Now it has spread and mingled easily. The right or wrong is decided by the strength of a man and not by justice. It is possible to change the situation if the common man realises the true colour of corruption. The students should get proper education and implement correctly what they have learnt. The literacy and family planning will help to change the situation.

The moral values should be imparted through media strongly. The skills and talents of Indians should not be wasted. Instead, they should be used to eradicate corruption from the Indian society. We should leave a clean India to the future generation.

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