74. Rising prices in India

India wants to find a place in the list of developed countries. Still it is regarded as a developing country. The standard of common people will rise only if the prices come down. The Indian economy is facing the threat due to unprecedented and devastating price rise. The sharp increase of prices of essential commodities has made the middle class people to lower middle class in India.

Limited inflation is considered to be conductive. Economic equality is a must for developing the country. The gap between rich and poor is widening day by day. The rich people are becoming more richer and the poor people are becoming more poor. For getting food, shelter and cloth, the poor people has to wander here and there. They work for more than 15 hours a day to fulfill the basic needs mentioned above. But their families suffer when medical expenses hit them.

The increase in population is the main cause for the rising prices in India. Whatever available in the country has to be shared by all. Corruption is another reason for price rise. The Government is trying to find a suitable solution for eradicating the evil. All the parties who come to power give assurance to the common people that they will control price rise but it is not at all possible for anybody.

The continuous suffering by the poor people make them frustrated and choose wrong paths. The consumers have to get education about their rights and privileges. The black market should be stopped. The uniform distribution of supplies and proper management of conditions of scarcity or surplus is essential. So all the Indians should join hands to control the rising prices in India.

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