73. Dowry system in India

When a girl baby is born it is considered as an expenditure and when a boy baby is born it is considered as an asset in India. The condition is slowly changing  and the girl babies are given equal importance.

When a girl attains  the marriageble age, her father tries to find out a bridegroom and he is ready to offer anything to the bridegroom. Sometimes the promises are not at all attainable and the net result is the marriage will be stopped or the girl will suffer after marriage.

The dowry is accepted by the family of bridegroom in the form of money or articles. In villages the life of young girls are put into threat. The most frightening and frustrating phenomenon is the acts of social terrorism in the form of dowry. The young brides are held hostage and some may have to sacrifice their life even to this social custom.

The education and self-confidence of women only save them from this brutal act. They should refuse stubbornly the boys who ask dowry. Even when his family is asking dowry and he is quiet or supporting them, the girl should not accept that boy. The family should accept boy baby and girl baby in the equal form and give education and financial support to both of them.

If all the families of girls are refusing to give dowry, the boy and his family should come down. Then only it is possible to send out dowry system from India.

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