71. My house

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I like my house very much. Wherever I go, my mind will be thinking about my house. Just as we love human beings I got attachment on my house. We built this house 3 years back. It took full one year for completion of the building. I used to come to the site daily and watched the progress.

We didn’t consult any engineer. We ourselves prepared our house plan and carried out the work as per the plan. Each and every room was designed as per our wish. We have left some space for a little garden. We have open terrace garden also. When I enter the puja room I get immense peace of mind. All my problems will be shattered when I sat and pray there.

The kitchen is very airy and spacious. All the things are kept in the correct place and it gives a neat look to the kitchen. The hall is big but we have put 2 sofas and kept TV alone. The 3 bedrooms and one big hall in the upstairs show our house big. We have chosen orange colour for painting the interior and  exterior which gives a pleasant and decent look to the house.

The light red colour for granite flooring matches well with the walls. All the cupboards and shelves have red and white colour lamination which also go very well with walls and floors. I used to keep my house very clean. The visitors also enjoy visiting our house.

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