72. House cleaning is not a tough task

Everybody likes to keep the house clean. But, we may have to spend hours for cleaning. I have prepared a list for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning and annual cleaning.

The costly cleaning liquids we buy from departmental stores will not solve the problem. The vinegar and dettol I use daily to clean toilets. For cleaning the water taps vinegar helps a lot. The dirt and grease in the kitchen really annoy me. As soon as I finish cooking, I used to clean the stove and other parts of the kitchen quickly. Next, after taking food I clean dining room. Then I will move to other rooms for keeping the things in the right place.

I pay special attention in cleaning the toilets, bathrooms and sink. The vinegar and soap water are enough for daily cleaning. I used to clear the garbage daily once. The washing of clothes I used to do weekly twice. Cleaning of garden is done weekly once.

Some people are bothered about house cleaning once in a while or when the guests are coming. The clean house will give a good impression on us by neighbours also. We have to spare atleast 2 two hours when the house is big. In India also, the housekeeping charges are becoming high, we have to manage ourselves. So, if we are willing to spare some time and show interest, house cleaning is not a tough task.

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