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80. Food is God

Food is God to all the people in the world. We call food as annalakshmi and we pray daily to give food to us. Everyman works for his livelihood and food is the main thing for anybody. For man’s existence food is the most intrinsic ingredient. When food is denied to man in this world, everything is denied to him.

The science and technology have made many people rich but 75% of the population in the world is suffering for their daily bread. A good living standard ie getting the daily bread without much suffering is essential for any human being. the common man is ready to give up his self-prestige even for the sake of food.

Some countries have to depend on developed countries for raw materials and food. When loans and grants are given to a common man, he becomes a slave. He is ready to do anything for his master. His bent backbone will never become straight. The children are to be taught from young age how to survive in this world without depending on anybody. The parents should give proper food and education to the children to save their life.

The hard work of parents should not go to a waste as the masters squeeze everything from them. All should save some money for the future as the future is unassured. If they get food they can take part in any activity for their betterment as well as the betterment of the country.

79. Students unrest

Many good teachers avoid choosing teaching profession as student unrest is the main hurdle in their job. The revolt of the student community against establishment even for small problems is a dangerous one. All over the world the students are facing the suffocation and restlessness. They fear about the future in the young age.

Many students give more concentration on politics than studies. The politicians utilise them for their purpose and just throw them away after their work is over. The result is the student loses both ie studies and position in politics. the most unfortunate part of student agitation is they are not even knowing well the cause of agitation.

The politicians exploit the youthful enthusiasm to promote their personal and social ends. The students were used to stop trains, damage public properties and create violence. the public also get disappointed by this rude and irresponsible behavior of the students. The students are not aware of the political controversies in depth. So, they cannot choose the right path themselves. They have to wait until they complete the studies to take part in politics.

The present education is heavy and some students want to escape from this boredom. So, they choose politics as an outlet. If we make education more employment-oriented, the students will concentrate on education alone and the unrest will be wiped  out automatically.

78. Are you a spenthrift

We all spend money for some cause. Spendthrift is a person who is spending money wastefully. Some people feel that if they spend more money, then only others will accept them as rich. They give more money as tips to the waiter.

I see some people who give money to others even if they didn’t do anything. They do shopping unnecessarily and buy the things they don’t require at all. If the spendthrift person is rich, then the family won’t suffer much. Otherwise, the family will suffer. If you are a spendthrift, be ready to face financial crisis in future.

Some persons store lot of things at home which they never use. The idle investment has got no value. The money spent for it, could have been used usefully in some other ways. First it may be difficult to change the habit. The spendthrift persons should think  before making a purchase whether it is necessary. They can hear the advice of parents, relatives and friends. If they put some control to themselves, their spending habit will change. They can carry little money while going for shopping and make a pledge not to use credit card for any purchase. They have to write the expenses and try to reduce month by month. After some months, lavishness will vanish.

Going to big hotels often should also be controlled. Neat and cheap items can be made at home or can be had from medium type hotels. By given gits to others definitely, your social status will improve. But, small gifts are enough. Costly gifts are to be given to very near and dear people only. So, the spendthrifts can become normal if they practise.

77. Using headphones will end with hearing loss

In the houses we are seeing that the parents are requesting the teenagers to remove head phones when they wish to speak to them. The teenagers are seen always with head phones. They really don’t know what is happening around them. They don’t care about the illness of parents, the hurdles in the family, guests arrival or financial problems.

While traveling also, they wear head phones and close the eyes as they wish to escape from the outside world also. Some people use head phones for more than 5 hours a day regularly. The hearing loss due to increase in usage of head phones will be permanent one.

When a person loses his/her hearing power at the young age, how can they spend the rest of his/her life? If the person using head phone is not listening to the happenings around him it is very clear that he has started losing his hearing power. We should hear the sound at a maximum of 60% of the capacity. That too, for one hour only per day.

The person facing hearing loss will hear a ringing, buzzing or roaring sound in the ear. They may have the problem of understanding speech at noisy places. They will keep the radio or TV at high volume at home. We should create awareness among children to avoid craze of listening music through head phone. Hearing aid will help them a little.

Prevention is better than cure. The older type open head phone is better than that directly fit into the ear. The best thing is to avoid using head phones.

76. How to eradicate corruption in India

Corruption was considered as disgraceful in older days but now, it is recognised as an art. the corruption has taken a place in every sphere of life.

The lower class people want to come up in life after seeing the life style of middle class people. The middle class people got bored to remain in the middle income group. The facilities enjoyed by the high class people are tempting them. They have set goal to join in the high class soon. The power and luxury attracts common people. The corruption is the easy way to achieve them.

The integrity and sincerity  are regarded as the qualities of Independence period. To bend rules for the benefit of a single man or to a group, is not at all considered as a sin now. The moral and ethical codes are given respect in the middle class. But the middle class itself started vanishing now.

Previously corruption was an exception in all the fields. Now it has spread and mingled easily. The right or wrong is decided by the strength of a man and not by justice. It is possible to change the situation if the common man realises the true colour of corruption. The students should get proper education and implement correctly what they have learnt. The literacy and family planning will help to change the situation.

The moral values should be imparted through media strongly. The skills and talents of Indians should not be wasted. Instead, they should be used to eradicate corruption from the Indian society. We should leave a clean India to the future generation.

75. Vanishing middle classes in India

Consumerism has kept lower class people in the same level. The materialism has changed middle class people as high class. Now, the lower middle class people have turned as lower class and upper middle class people as high class. The concept of middle class has started vanishing in India.

The middle class has contributed a lot in the progress and prosperity of the country as they are the working class. They work very hard and sincere in all walks of life. The middle class may be a loser or winner. But there is no point in regretting about the vanishment of middle class.

The bottommost people in the middle class have come down in status as they started struggling for basic livelihood. The upper middle class people have climbed the ladder and joined the society of high class. The zig-zag growth is objected by economists. The betterment of life style is not uniform.

The cultural heritage was being maintained by the middle class. In the name of modernisation, the traditional value is getting eroded. Economic threat is another reason for spoiling the middle class set-up. The middle class were fighting the battle of survival. Those who lost the game came down to lower class and those who won the game joined the group of high class. there is a rat race in the high class for power, money and position.

The new middle class have learnt this magic first after joining to high class. The middle class who became lower class has no time to think about anything than for survival. The vanishing middle class has created an impact in the economy of India.

74. Rising prices in India

India wants to find a place in the list of developed countries. Still it is regarded as a developing country. The standard of common people will rise only if the prices come down. The Indian economy is facing the threat due to unprecedented and devastating price rise. The sharp increase of prices of essential commodities has made the middle class people to lower middle class in India.

Limited inflation is considered to be conductive. Economic equality is a must for developing the country. The gap between rich and poor is widening day by day. The rich people are becoming more richer and the poor people are becoming more poor. For getting food, shelter and cloth, the poor people has to wander here and there. They work for more than 15 hours a day to fulfill the basic needs mentioned above. But their families suffer when medical expenses hit them.

The increase in population is the main cause for the rising prices in India. Whatever available in the country has to be shared by all. Corruption is another reason for price rise. The Government is trying to find a suitable solution for eradicating the evil. All the parties who come to power give assurance to the common people that they will control price rise but it is not at all possible for anybody.

The continuous suffering by the poor people make them frustrated and choose wrong paths. The consumers have to get education about their rights and privileges. The black market should be stopped. The uniform distribution of supplies and proper management of conditions of scarcity or surplus is essential. So all the Indians should join hands to control the rising prices in India.

73. Dowry system in India

When a girl baby is born it is considered as an expenditure and when a boy baby is born it is considered as an asset in India. The condition is slowly changing  and the girl babies are given equal importance.

When a girl attains  the marriageble age, her father tries to find out a bridegroom and he is ready to offer anything to the bridegroom. Sometimes the promises are not at all attainable and the net result is the marriage will be stopped or the girl will suffer after marriage.

The dowry is accepted by the family of bridegroom in the form of money or articles. In villages the life of young girls are put into threat. The most frightening and frustrating phenomenon is the acts of social terrorism in the form of dowry. The young brides are held hostage and some may have to sacrifice their life even to this social custom.

The education and self-confidence of women only save them from this brutal act. They should refuse stubbornly the boys who ask dowry. Even when his family is asking dowry and he is quiet or supporting them, the girl should not accept that boy. The family should accept boy baby and girl baby in the equal form and give education and financial support to both of them.

If all the families of girls are refusing to give dowry, the boy and his family should come down. Then only it is possible to send out dowry system from India.

72. House cleaning is not a tough task

Everybody likes to keep the house clean. But, we may have to spend hours for cleaning. I have prepared a list for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning and annual cleaning.

The costly cleaning liquids we buy from departmental stores will not solve the problem. The vinegar and dettol I use daily to clean toilets. For cleaning the water taps vinegar helps a lot. The dirt and grease in the kitchen really annoy me. As soon as I finish cooking, I used to clean the stove and other parts of the kitchen quickly. Next, after taking food I clean dining room. Then I will move to other rooms for keeping the things in the right place.

I pay special attention in cleaning the toilets, bathrooms and sink. The vinegar and soap water are enough for daily cleaning. I used to clear the garbage daily once. The washing of clothes I used to do weekly twice. Cleaning of garden is done weekly once.

Some people are bothered about house cleaning once in a while or when the guests are coming. The clean house will give a good impression on us by neighbours also. We have to spare atleast 2 two hours when the house is big. In India also, the housekeeping charges are becoming high, we have to manage ourselves. So, if we are willing to spare some time and show interest, house cleaning is not a tough task.

71. My house

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I like my house very much. Wherever I go, my mind will be thinking about my house. Just as we love human beings I got attachment on my house. We built this house 3 years back. It took full one year for completion of the building. I used to come to the site daily and watched the progress.

We didn’t consult any engineer. We ourselves prepared our house plan and carried out the work as per the plan. Each and every room was designed as per our wish. We have left some space for a little garden. We have open terrace garden also. When I enter the puja room I get immense peace of mind. All my problems will be shattered when I sat and pray there.

The kitchen is very airy and spacious. All the things are kept in the correct place and it gives a neat look to the kitchen. The hall is big but we have put 2 sofas and kept TV alone. The 3 bedrooms and one big hall in the upstairs show our house big. We have chosen orange colour for painting the interior and  exterior which gives a pleasant and decent look to the house.

The light red colour for granite flooring matches well with the walls. All the cupboards and shelves have red and white colour lamination which also go very well with walls and floors. I used to keep my house very clean. The visitors also enjoy visiting our house.