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34. Street cricket

street cricket

Now we are watching cricket match on TV and internet. Previously the commentary on radio was a real entertainment for cricket lovers. At that time many people won’t get the chance to see the match live. The street cricket they play and see was helpful in fulfilling the thirst.

All the big players now have started their play by playing in street matches in the beginning. We see many poor children who are having the thirst to come up as a world level player spend their time in playing cricket in the streets. All are not getting the chance or sponsor to become a big player.

The rules in street cricket are relaxed. They play with any ball they get. The bat and pad are considered as luxury. The team won’t have 11 players and the over may not contain 6 runs. But, the interest the players show are really enjoyable. The substitutes may also come at any time. many players in the team may not be knowing what a cricket match is. Some people may become commentator and keeping a paper roll near the mouth, they imitate radio commentators.

The liveliness and entertainment we got is more than watching matches through TV. Now we sit throughout the day before TV to watch cricket matches. But, are we getting the real pleasure we get through street cricket. On a train journey our eyes will get a feast on seeing a street cricket for few seconds. We may not see the fate of the ball but the pleasure we get on seeing it is incomparable. In India all the young boys get inspiration to play street cricket atleast for some years, in school days. Even the young kid play street cricket just by striking the ball of his elder brother once or twice. We have to encourage the children who play and make them feel happy by watching their match.

33. Ventriloquism

The children enjoy puppet show. The message they get captures the mind quickly. The stagecraft of ventriloquism is an advanced version of puppet show. Here, in the stage a person keeps one or more puppets in the hand make the audience believe that the voice is coming from the puppet.

It is a brilliant way of communicating good things to the society. In dasavatharam tamil movie we have seen the story of God is well communicated to the crown through such mechanism similar to ventriliquism. The ventriloquist should be capable of opening the lips very slightly to make different sounds and the audience should believe that he is silent and only the puppets are speaking. Ventriloquism is an art and it requires much patience to learn the art.

Recently, I have read in a newspaper that in some Indian schools, the ventriloquists take classes and the students don’t want to miss the class. He teaches the lessons through this and the students enjoy the lecture through puppets. It creates an interest for studying the lessons. If the lessons are taught with some humour, it is liked by children. The mythological stories about God are spread through ventriloquism in India. The youngsters show much interest in learning this art.

The ventriloquist get applause and the laughter and enjoyment of the audience make him happy. He also loves this entertainment and get energy to make more lively shows. The tricks and fun the ventriloquist shows in his speech, bring more audience. Many schools invite ventriloquists to conduct shows and entertain their children. Nowadays, the children spend most of their time on watching TV shows and on mobile, which make them dull. To make them fresh, this vetriloquism will be more helpful.

32. Indian sabudana

All of us might have tasted sabudana atleast once. Tapioca root is processed and we get tapioca sagu known as sabudana. Indians are fond of observing vratha or upavasa. On these days, sabudana content diet can be taken.

Sabudana kichadi is very famous among Indians.

Ingredients needed :

Sabudana  – 200 gms

carrot         – 1

beans        –  10

potato        –  1

peas          –   10

green chillies – 3

mustard    – 1/2 tsp

jeera        – 1/2 tsp

cooking oil – 1/2 tsp

salt – 1/2 tsp

curry leaves – a small bunch

coriander leaves – a small bunch

Method of preparation :

With little oil in the pan, seasoning with mustard seed and jeera, soaked sabudana is added and cooked with vegetables, green chillies and salt. For garnishing, coriander and curry leaves are used. If taken, when it is hot, sabudana kichadi will be liked by all ages. The senior citizen people with some illness follow strict diet. For them, it is really a feast.

The sabudana kheer is also very very tasty and simple.

Ingredients needed :

sabudana – 200 gm

sugar – 100 gm

boiled milk – 150 gm

cashew – 5

ghee – 1/2 tsp

Method of preparation :

After soaking sabudana for an hour or two, cook with little water. In a pan put milk and sugar. When it comes to a boil, cooked sabadana has to be added. Cashews fried in ghee should be added in the last. Oho, this delightful kheer can be prepared as naivedanam for puja or ordinarily.

Another delicious dish is sabudana vada.

Ingredients needed :

sabudana – 100gm

potato(boiled) – 1

groundnut powder – 1 tsp

rice flour – 50 gm

salt – 1/2 tsp

red chilly powder – 1/2 tsp

cooking oil – 250 ml

corriander leaves(chopped) – a small bunch

Method of preparation :

We have to soak sabudana for half an hour and mix mashed potato, chilly powder, salt, groundnut powder, rice flour & chopped corriander leaves in a bowl. Put oil in a pan. In the hot oil put vadas made out of the mixer above and fry until becomes brown. The children and elders will also enjoy the taste.

Another most important dish is sabudana papad.

Ingredients needed :

sabudana – 1/2 kg

rice flour – 50 gm

salt – 1 tsp

asafoetida – 1/2 tsp

chilly powder – 1/2 tsp

lemon juice – 2 tsp

Method of preparation :

Boil water in a big vessel. Add soaked sabudana, a small quantity of rice flour, salt, asafoetida and chilly powder. After switching off the gas, lemon juice should be added. When it becomes cool, we have to keep a plastic paper and pour the mixture in small rounds. We have to dry these in hot summer for 2 to 3 days. When they become completely dry, we can store them in airtight containers. Whenever required, these tasty sabudana papads can be fried.

31. Vegetarianism

It is said that vegetarian meals contain all nutrients. Some people by hereditary avoid meat, fish and poultry. The parents and grand parents won’t eat non-vegetarian foods. The next generation will also follow the footsteps of ancestors. In India, many people are vegetarians.

Some people even though their forefathers are non-vegetarians, they like to be vegetarians. Some others switch to vegetarianism due to some personal reasons. It is believed that vegetarian food contains less quantity of fat and cholesterol. To get relief from high blood pressure and heart diseases, vegetarianism is recommended by many doctors nowadays.

The ayurveda and siddha medical treatment instructs the patients to be vegetarians at the time of treatment. The killing of animals is not liked by some people which make them vegetarians. Some people follow vegetarianism, for religious reasons. Since fruits and vegetables give all the nutrients required for the body, the vegetarians need not bother.

To ward off from diseases and to prevent over weight, vegetarian meals are accepted as good by many people. The fibre content in vegetarian food will push out the waste from the body easily. Cooking and eating all colour vegetables and eating fruits of all colours raw or cooked will boost immunity. Many hotels are there for pure vegetarians throughout the world. If in any part of the world, while on travel, if vegetarian food is not available, the pure vegetarian can manage with bread, biscuit, fruits and raw vegetable.

So, vegetarianism is not tough to follow. If you like and feel that benefits are more, vegetarianism can be accepted.

30. Home garden


For everybody, the most convenient place to stay is his home only. The house may be made up of bricks and cement. But, a home is made up of many little lovely things. One such hing is home garden. Our house may be very small. we can make it sweet by keeping some plants before or backside of the house.

If there is no space for keeping pucca garden we can keep some plants in pots. The greenary near the house will be a feast to our eyes. If there is enough space, try to put a kitchen garden. The vegetables we get through plants in our garden, will make us happy, apart from saving money. The flowers give a new beauty to our house and they are useful for doing puja at home. Daily if we spend some time in our garden, we get more energy.

If our mood is out, we can go to the garden to change the mood and return with positive thoughts. So, home garden is a part of our home. we should give practice to all our family members to get involvement and do some work in the home garden for improvement. Watering plants is a good exerfise to our mind and body. Your life will be complete only if you have a library and a garden at home.

The growth of plants and the new buds & flowers will give us immense pleasure. We learn patience and carefulness from the plants in our garden. The guests will definitely appreciate our home garden, if the plants are neat and healthy. We should create love of gardening. It is not just work. It is a hobby as we get happiness from it. The persons who possess home garden are blessed by God, as they get the chance to mee the nature daily. We can do all experiments in the garden without doing a mistake. So, I wish all to have a home garden.

29. Plus two fever

We admit that plus two marks are the deciding factors for future studies and settlement in life. In Tamilnadu, the pressure on plus two children are much more compared to other state children. In plus one itself the children are compelled to study plus two portion. In many houses, the cable connection is cut and TV is turned backside against the wall for full two years or kept in the laft.

The working women take leave for months together and sit near the child all the time. The time table for two years is full of studies, tuition, test and exams. The children in plus two get very little time for sleep and do the routine work. Playing Games or watching match in TV is considered to be a sin. Well, all the parents want that their child should get 99.99%. The children are not machines to cope up with the dreams of parents.

Those who got very good marks in plus two may fail to get many good things in life. There are plenty of courses other than MBBS and BE. The children and parents may consider them. OK, what should be done for getting a decent mark in plus two. First allot 6 to 7 hours of sleep and put schedule for all the subjects. The reading and writing exams should be taken seriously. While doing revision, time may be allotted for correcting mistakes.

Little time may be allotted for sports and other entertainments. No harm in it. The unnecessary tension at the time of preparation as well as while writing the exam should totally be avoided. Thorough study of answers for the previous 5 years question papers will help the children to get good marks. When all the children prefer to go to tuition we may ask our children whether they indeed require it. If they say “no”, we can simply leave them.

Just give nutritious food and watch whether they concentrate on study. Sitting all the time with the children and giving directions towards study will spoil their mood. Just leave them free and relaxed. Let us make plus two fever light.

28. House keeping

Everybody dreams of living in a beautiful big house with all facilities. If we work hard and save money, it may be possible for building our dream house. Since home loans are available easily, many people step forward to fulfill their dream of building the house. Those who live in rented house also want to keep it beautiful(atleast when the guests come).

Before making the house beautiful, we have keep it clean. It is not an easy thing to keep the house neat always. Nowadays servants are not available for household works in India, as before. They demand much more and their work is also not satisfactory. When we watch, they do the work properly. If we are busy, they will skip doing some works, which makes our house ugly, even after cleaning.

Some people challenge that they are ready to do the house cleaning by themselves. If they become sick or busy, everything will come to a standstill position. My suggestion is that we can engage servants for some works on routine basis, which we cannot attend on daily basis. In addition, we have to do daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning by preparing schedules and following them strictly. Then only, the house will look clean at all times.

In India, many times guests will come to the house, without giving proper intimation. So, it is essential to keep clean everything at all times. House keeping includes not only cleaning but also cooking, doing shopping to keep essential things ready for use, payment of all bills due and house maintenance. The house keeping also includes gardening, cleaning the surroundings, dishwashing, floor cleaning and dusting all the furnitures.

Indian ladies now ladies started objecting that the housewives have got no work other than house keeping. House keeping here includes bringing up the children and taking care of elders at home. The Indian men gradually start realising that they also give a hand to women in housekeeping. It is really a welcoming change.

27. Haemoglobin

We all know that red blood cells in our body produce haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is made up of 4 protein molecules which carries oxygen from our lungs to the body tissues and bring back carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs. For adults, two alpha globulin chains and two beta globulin chains are present in haemoglobin. for children initially two gamma chains are present instead of beta chains. When they grow up, the gamma chains are replaced by beta chains.

In the globulin chain the central structure is called heme molecule. The iron inside this heme molecule is responsible for the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body. This gives red colour to the blood. Haemoglobin is responsible for maintaining the donut shaped red blood cells.

To increase haemoglobin we have to take leafy green vegetables, lentils, grains and nuts. For adult male 14 to 18 grams per deciliter is normal. For adult female 12 to 16 grams per deciliter is required. When middle age is crossed there may be slight variation. When haemoglobin level is reduced in our body, then anebia is caused. Loss of blood, taking less nutrient content food, chemotherapy and side effect of some diseases are the main causes for low count of haemoglobin.

We should take healthy food to compensate and bring up the haemoglobin level to the normal stage quickly. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to attend our normal work energetically. In high altitudes, the count of haemoglobin level will be higher, as more oxygen is required for the people there. So, the climate itself may not be suitable for some people due to this reason. We should take care that haemoglobin level is maintained properly.

26. Rose


There are thousands of flowers in this world. We get good mood on seeing the flowers. Some flowers come to our mind very closely. Many people in the world love roses. Roses come in different colours. Rose is the queen of flowers. The beauty and fragrance of roses are incomparable. Every woman will feel happy if compared to roses.

We should appreciate that roses are there in between thorns. If any person gets a chance to walk into a rose garden, definitely, his joy will be multiplied. The life will become more sweet if we have a rose plant in our house. Even if we keep a rose for few seconds in the hand, the fragrance will last for atleast one hour in the hand.

The rose petals are very soft like the cheeks of a new born child. rose is the symbol of love. Any misunderstanding between two person will come to an end, if approached with a rose. Giving roses are worthy gift to any person. Rose is considered as a royal flower. The dignity of a person will increase if he has a rose plant. For every occasion of celebration or mourning, rose finds a place. To cool a person, simply give a rose. All the poets are tempted to write a poem about roses. We should live like rose as we are liked by all.

25. Reading habit

In our school and college days, we spend a lot of time in reading books of various topics. the knowledge about many things we learnt at young age, is green in memory still. Now, the youngsters spend most of the time before TV or mobile. The treasure about the past is left unnoticed by them. The stories and novels take us to a different world and we get involved with the characters in them. Some people express feelings like shedding tears, laughing louder or hugging others on reading wonderful books.

First we should understand that by reading a book, we are doing something good for us. It changes us if we are in dull mood. The books become our best friends as we can read the books as and when we like. We should allot some time daily to read books. We can purchase some books and go the library to read more. While going out, it is good practice to carry a book. We may not know when will we get leisure time.

Reading is a good time pass. At times, we may have to stay alone. The books are our good companions. When we hear about good books, it is worth to purchase and read immediately. I am having the habit of collecting good books as I wish to read them again and again. The surrounding should also be good for reading book. So, move to a quiet place carrying the book. We should not do multitasking while reading a book. We should concentrate fully while reading. It is better to keep record of good books we have read already and yet to read. We should accustom children to get the habit of reading.

Our prestige won’t come down when we purchase and read old books. The content won’t change anyhow. Don’t always read serious type of books. In between get a chance to read funny books. A good book is a good teacher. We get advice, pleasure and salvage to some problems in books. So create the habit of reading immediately.