44. Organ donation

Many lives can be saved by the noble act of organ donation. When a person dies, his organs can be used for others, who are in need. This is called organ donation. Those who have got good physical condition can become an organ donor. Mainly the organs like heart, kidney, liver, intestines, lungs and pancreas can be donated if the condition of the patient is critical and chances for recovering him is meagre. This condition is called “brain death”.

When a person dies naturally, his tissues like heart valves, corneas, bones and skin can be donated. Many people suffer when the organs stop functioning or weak in functioning. We can give new life by donating organs. Many people of deceased family may not be willing to donate the organs of the loved ones. But, if they think that it will save the life of many people, they will come forward for organ donation of the deceased person.

So, every person should think it as a duty by coming forward to sign up for organ donation. We don’t know what will happen in future. Now, awareness  has come slowly among common people also regarding organ donation. If we think about people who die waiting for organ tranasplant, we will definitely support organ donation.

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