41. Tirupati Venkatachalapathi


All the hindus might have gone to Tirupati atleast once to have the darshan of Lord Venkatachalapathi. Those who have not visited already will like to visit in future.

The pilgrimage city tirupati is localted in chittoor district of Andra Pradesh.  We cannot visit the temple as and when we like and have the darshan. Lakhs and lakhs of people are visiting the temple daily. We have to book in advance the darshan tickets and wait in queue for at least some hours to see him. Just to have darshan for few seconds, people are travelling hours together. Nobody minds in spending time or money to have his darshan.

It is believed that Lord Venkateshwara, popularly known as Lord Balaji will permit anybody to see him only if he wishes. Otherwise, the person won’t get his darshan, even after reaching Tirupati. Many sevas and utsavs are held regularly and the devotees are taking part in everything very enthusiastically. Lakhs and lakhs of money is deposited in the Hundi. Gold and silver coins and jewelleries are also offered to God by devotees. Lord Srinivasa fulfil the wishes of everybody.

Tirupati is known as temple of seven hills. The seven sacred hills are Seshadri, Vedadri, Garudadri, Anjadri, vrishabadri, Narayanandri and Venkatadri. Lord Venkatachalapathy gives his darshan sitting in the hill Venkatadri. We have to travel through 7 hills to see him. Those who have got specific wishes, will pray and visit the temple.The Lord Srinivasa hears the prayer of all devotees. Please make a visit to Tirupati.

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