42. Influenza

The human beings are getting new types of severe diseases every now and then. Once such disease called influenza makes everybody to get frighten. It is in infectious disease caused by influenza virus. Some people may get tired often. the body pain, cough, fever, throat pain, headache, vomiting sensation and muscle pain are the other symptoms. There will be pain felt throughout the whole body.

When the persons having influenza sneezes or coughs, the virus will spread in the air and start affecting others in the surrounding area. That is why it has been advised to wash hands with soap or cleaning liquid before touching anything. Vaccination and anti virus drugs are helpful to cure this disease. If left unattended, death is unavoidable.

The flu or influenza  causes viral infection and attacks the respiratory system severely. The Government  is taking steps to create an awareness among public regarding influenza and advising them to take preventive measure. Those who have got symptoms are advised to take immediate medical treatment. Since it is contagious, the affected people should be very careful in preventing from spreading the disease to others.

As per the report of world health organisation, every year 5 to 15 percent of the world population is being affected by influenza and  many deaths occur due to carelessness. So, everybody should be cautious in preventing influenza.

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