39. Window shopping

Window shopping is an preliminary experience before doing the actual shopping. We may have plan to buy something. The purpose of window shopping without spending the money, knowing about a thing. We can just go through texture, quality, price and other details of the item by just visiting the shops having the item but not buying it.

Some people visit shops with the plan to do window shopping. Some others, having come to the shop to purchase some other item, see other items also and get details, to make purchase later on. Some others, to kill time, do window shopping. Nowadays, the youngsters go to a mall and spend hours in making a research of new arrivals. They may or maynot buy those items afterwards.

The people who have got the fear of buying everything at once they see, won’t take money or credit card while doing window shopping. Some people visit all the shops and prepare a comparison note first. They check the price online also and finally decide to buy. Some shop owners stand outside the shop and invite the customers to come inside and get a view of items in the shop. They know very well that some people may be tempted to make some purchase and some others may come again to make purchase after doing window shopping.

The window shopping will be interesting in big cities as there will be number of shops lined up in a row. In rural areas, there will be one or two shops only altogether. So, effective window shopping is possible only if number of shops are more. Some people enjoy their week-ends by doing window shopping.

Normally, the shop owners allow window shopping, as the crowd in the shop is one point in running business. So, the customers will have a belief during actual buying that they are not cheated, as they have verified the cost and quality of the product while doing window shopping. So, window shopping has to be encouraged and followed by all, before buying costly items atleast.

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