40. Photo

In olden days, photos will be taken only on important occasions like marriage. Only professional photographers will have camera and the common people even afraid of touching it. All the families will have some black and white photos of ancestors. The childhood photos will carry sweet memories.

The photo taken on the last annual day at school and college will have special effect on students. The photo taking is celebrated as an event. Now, gradually, the importance has gone, as everybody has a camera at home. Not only that, the cell phones come with a camera and “click, click” sound or a flash are seen everywhere. The photos are are taken at the time of eating, sleeping, chatting, walking and doing anything.

Nowadays, the art of photography has become a business and a decent profession. Many people take courses on photography to know the techniques. The photography contests are being held on many topics worldwide. Many people love to take selfie nowadays. The digital camera or a cell phone is used to take selfie. Selfie is a self photograph or portrait. the youngsters send various types of selfies in social networking services such as facebook and twitter.

Whatever it is, we have to store rare and pleasant moments in life to the next generation people through photos. The photos taken during space travel are most valuable for further research. The photo is the first impression about a person. So, don’t forget to smile.

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