38. Story telling

In olden days, the grandmas of India brought up the kids by telling interesting stories. The children after having dinner will wait eagerly for grandma. Nowadays all the grandmas are struck with TV serials till 10 pm and they themselves are not aware of stories for kids. Story telling has its own value. It is a way of communicating our cultural values to the next generation.

It is an entertainment to the children. The children are educated with the knowledge of rajas, ithihasa and the life of common people at olden and present days. The story teller used to ask question in the middle. So, the children will always be alert to answer. At times, the children ask rheir doubts to the story teller. Some story tellers are very talented. They make the audience to visualise the events in the story by the voice modulation and body gestures.

Previously there was a class called moral section once in a week in schools. In that class, the teacher will tell moral stories to the children. Now since the studies of subjects are becoming voluminous the moral class has to say a good bye to the students. Now, the importance of story telling has been realised by many and the job of story tellers are being recognised.

The art of story telling has to be preserved and passed on to next generation. The children get the habit of listening, thinking and know many things required in normal life. The pattern of story telling has also been modernised. The audios and videos help story tellers for effective communication to the audience. The story tellers have to encourage students to explore their expressiveness and bring out the feelings and emotions.

The media should play a lead role to encourage story telling. The self-confidence and motivation will be developed among students by listening stories. So, let us encourage our children to listen to stories and also help story tellers to do their job more effectively.

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