35. White sugar

Everybody loves the colour and taste of white sugar. The sweets prepared using white sugar have excellent colour. But, is white sugar good for health. White sugar is the crystalised sucrose extracted from sugar cane. the carbohydrate content in white sugar is much more. The white sugar intake continuously may create diseases like diabetes, heart problem, obesity and tooth decay. the nutritionists believe that the refined while sugar gives naked or empty calories only to the body.

The heavy intake of white sugar demands large quantity of minerals to compensate the imbalance produced. the calcium storage in the body will be wiped completely resulting in tooth decay. the functioning of liver will also be affected. The excess of fatty acid will be deposited in the thighs, buttocks, breasts and stomach causing all types of diseases. The most active organs such as heart and kidneys will also be affected finally.

The common people are completely unaware of the danger and use sugar excessively for each and every food. The immune system will also be affected. At last, the the white sugar consumption starts affecting the brain also. In baking recipes we generally use white sugar for taste. Honey, raisin syrup and date syrup can be used as substitutes for white sugar.

The jaggery powder can be used in the place of white sugar.  High nutrition value and freshness are the good qualities in sugarcane and jaggery, compared to white sugar. If possible we try to take less quantity of sugar or avoid sugar, wherever possible. It may be difficult in the beginning. But, if we accustom our body to such tastes, our mind won’t long for sugar. Please maintain health by not taking white sugar.

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